How To Apply

December 11, 2018

Last updated July 6th, 2023

Once an internship or training position has been secured in the United States, applicants can launch the J-1 visa application process with the FACC-NY.

The FACC-NY will issue the DS-2019 within 1-2 weeks of receiving a complete application. Please note that we recommend starting an application 6-8 weeks before the desired program start date to account for embassy wait times.  


Step 1 – Prescreening: Confirm your eligibility with the FACC-NY by sending your resume to You can find a full list of eligibility requirements for applicants and host companies on our Program Eligibility page. 

Step 2 – Launch Application: Once the FACC-NY has predetermined your eligibility and prescreened your host company, you are ready to launch the application process - the FACC-NY will send you the link to our Application Start Form.

Step 3 – Submission of Documentation: Once the FACC-NY receives your Application Start Form, you will be assigned an account manager that will provide you with a unique upload link where both you and your host company will submit your documentation.

Please consult the following checklists for a full list of required materials:

            Exchange Visitor Checklist

            Host Company Application Checklist

Step 4 – Processing: The FACC-NY will review your application materials and confirm your eligibility for the program

Step 5 – English Orientation Interview: Upon receipt of all required documentation and confirmation of eligibility, the FACC-NY will contact you to conduct an English Orientation Interview.

Step 6 – Final Review and Issuing of DS-2019: After you successfully complete your English Orientation Interview and your application is complete, it will pass through the final review process at the FACC-NY. Once the application is approved, the FACC-NY will issue your SEVIS number and email your DS-2019.

Step 7 – Embassy Appointment: Upon receipt of your SEVIS number, you can book your appointment at the U.S. embassy in your home country. FACC-NY strongly advises candidates to check back on a regular basis for last minute cancellations for an earlier appointment during the busy period of summer/beginning of Fall and end of year. Wait times can be found here.

Please consult the Exchange Visitor Checklist for a full list of documentation required for the appointment.

Applicants will receive their approved J-1 visa within 3-5 business days after their embassy appointment.


Please visit our Resource Center for orientation materials and information you will need to start your program in the U.S.