EVP Resource Center

December 11, 2018

Last updated July 6th, 2023


Preparing to live and work in a foreign country can be overwhelming. As your sponsor, the FACC-NY is here to provide continued support throughout your program. If your question is not answered here, please email us at coordinator@faccnyc.org.

Preparing for Life in the U.S.


Post-arrival Resources

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's License 
  • Travel Validation: For travel outside of the U.S. during your J-1 visa program please email a high quality PDF scan of both pages of your DS-2019. FACC-NY will then sign it digitally for travel validation. The signature is valid for one year. You must then print the digitally signed version for travel validation, double sided (front AND back) and carry it with your original DS-2019 when traveling outside the United States. You must let us know if you lose the version you print, you CANNOT reprint the form, as it is a US government controlled document. If you lose the DS-2019 we must reissue the form.
  • Know your rights! Please refer to the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Wilberforce Pamphlet for more information about workers' rights in the U.S.
  • Refer to the Fulbright-Hays Act for more information about the purpose of the J-1 visa
  • For all J-1 Tax related questions we always recommend SprinTax. The French-American Chamber of Commerce does not specialize in taxes. 


Changes to your J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

Please note that all program changes must be reported to the FACC-NY in a timely manner, in accordance with Department of State regulations.

Failure to report program changes may result in the termination of your J-1 visa status.

The FACC-NY must be informed of any of the following changes or issues:

  • Contact information updates
  • International travel plans
  • Lost or stolen J-1 visa or DS-2019
  • Site of Activity change
  • Supervisor change
  • Changes to program dates
  • Incidents or problems (personal or training related)

Program changes or issues can be reported using our Online Reporting Form or by emailing coordinator@faccnyc.org 


If your Exchange Visitor Program dates change, please reference the below checklists for the appropriate procedures to follow:

*Please note that only exchange visitors who have not reached their maximum program duration (18 months for trainees and 12 months for interns), may request a program extension. To confirm your eligibility for an extension please contact coordinator@faccnyc.org 

*If you are ending your J-1 mission early, please contact the FACC-NY before your original program end date.


Program Evaluations

All exchange visitors and their supervisors are required to submit midpoint and final evaluations to the FACC-NY, in accordance with Department of State regulations.

These Program Evaluation can be submitted electronically - the FACC-NY will send reminders via email  before the evaluations are due.