Meet the Member: John A. Edwards, Regional Practice Leader

Member news | April 23, 2021

In this 'Meet the Member' feature, we welcome new FACC-NY Member John A. Edwards, Regional Practice Leader at Paypro Workforce Management, a cloud-based platform provider that simplifies daily employee and workforce management (WFM) tasks.

John is an experienced employee benefits and HR outsourcing specialist that has been with 15+ year experience working with major global organizations. 

Read our interview with John to learn about his role, industry trends in workforce management, and more...

FACC: What are your current missions?

Working with startups to help them scale and grow and that means us “Paypro” as well.

FACC: At Paypro Workforce Management, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

At Paypro Workforce Management, our playfield, which I consider companies with a particular mind set rather than a typical market definition; such as, company size by employees, capitalization, or annual sales.  We are targeting small to midsize organizations that have a forward thinking mindset and that put their employees at the center of their organization.  We’re not looking to work with companies that are really set in their ways, that have the belief of, “if it’s not broken, lets not try to fix it”, or working with senior management that will tell us, “I’ve been doing this long enough so I think I know what I’m doing”, because these organizations are very closed minded and they are not looking for fresh innovative ideas to help them get to the next level.  I believe in the 80/20 rule, so I know these companies only represent 20% of our market, but they are the top 20% of the market that will generate 80% of our most profitable sales. 

FACC: What are the current trends you are seeing in your industry?

Our industry is going through a contraction period through mergers and acquisitions because the industry is so interesting and exciting, it has attracted a lot of players; however, these players thought it would be easy to compete in this space and they’re finding out that their offering can’t be everything to all customers so those competitors that can’t find their true market niche are struggling and looking to either merge with a competitor or they’re looking to be bought. 

FACC: How has your role evolved since the pandemic?

Honestly, my job/role/function didn’t change at Paypro since the pandemic because fortunately for me, Paypro was a head or out front of the pandemic because they were already operating in remote/virtual capacity when I came on board, so out of the gate, I was able to “Rock n’ Roll”. 

FACC: What encouraged you to join the FACC network?

This is really an awesome question.  I’m a big culture and family heritage “guy”, so I chose this chamber along with the Colombian American Association, the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, and at one time I was a part of the German American Chamber of Commerce, and at times I’ve been known to kick around the British American Business group and the Irish Business Organization, because my family heritage is Colombian, Puerto Rican, German, French, and British/Irish.  So, I thought I could kill many birds with one stone by joining the FACC network to build my business contacts in an area with like-minded people and at the same time, learn about the French business culture.  Pretty cool, right!

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