5 Key Factors When Traveling for Business to France

Member news | May 03, 2021

From 2010 to the end of the first quarter of 2020, more than 35 million passengers flew from US cities to Paris. New York is the top US origin city flying to Paris, with a total of 7.7 million passengers during the last ten years. 3.5 million passengers flew from Los Angeles to Paris between 2010 and 2020.

When travelling to and from France for business consider these factors  

  1. Covid19

Since the beginning of the pandemic one year ago, the hope of getting back to a new normal emerged recently with the different vaccines and their deployments. When traveling to France, please take in consideration that:

  • Masks are mandatory at the airports and during the entire flight. Please be aware that not all the airlines follow exactly the same Covid19 Face Mask policy;
  • Covid19 remains present in France and worldwide. Therefore, when traveling, we should remain alert and respect both the barrier measures and the current restrictions;
  • In order to make Travel safe again, the different countries and the travel industry are looking at new digitalized tools or Vaccine Passports. France, with the EU, is working on developing a green pass.
  1. France Visa 

Depending on the duration of your stay and on your nationality, you may need a visa for your business trip to France. To obtain your visa, you must demonstrate the link between your professional activity and the purpose of your trip (see visa wizard). This is a five-steps process.

  1. Travel by Air

Consider traveling with SkyTeam. SkyTeam is the alliance of 19 airlines, among which AirFrance or Delta Airlines, dedicated to providing passengers with a more seamless travel experience at every step of their journey. With SkyPriority, enjoy exclusive check-in area, baggage drop-off and delivery, to security, and boarding. Thanks to our extensive global network, Frenchway Travel offers our clients international and around the clock service for every budget. We also propose to manage your Airline Miles Reward in order to make the best of your Travel Mileage Reward Programs.

  1. Travel by Train

The pandemic changed the way we travel for almost a year now. We need more flexibility, more safety. And we also need to take into consideration the current state of traffic. We compiled the data available on the SNCF websites (OUISNCF & Covid19SNCF & Climate Control) and the website of the French government to present the current situation of train travel in France during Covid19 and the different rules to travel from and to France by train during Covid19

  1. The benefit of working with a Travel Agency for booking your business trip.

Especially in periods of uncertainty, using the services of a travel advisor for your business trip will bring you peace of mind. She/he will bring her/his expertise, his/her network to offer you the best rates, help you out with the current state of travel, handle the emergencies and provide you with some extras! 

For the past 38 years, Frenchway travel has been the best corporate travel agency in Paris and New York. We specialize in providing the highest level of personalized service on short notice due to our client-first approach.The secret of a wonderful trip lies in the attention to detail, to ensure that your travel will turn out smooth:

  • If your flight encounters any change or delay, we’ll inform you in the first place and handle the follow-up issues. 
  • We standby 24 hours behind the scenes to ensure that you can enjoy your trip. If something happens beyond your control, you can contact us at any time. We’ll be around to help you out with professional expertise to manage any unforeseen development.
  • Any special travel requirements? Need to handle the transportation of fragile/ bulky equipment in a safe and timely manner? Just let us know. We’ll take care of all your requests and customize an exceptional travel experience just for you.
  • Our clients can count on our discretion and will have complete privacy. We won’t intrude into their travel experience with things they don’t need. We put the steer in the hands of our clients, but when they need us, we’re just by their side to help. We can also accompany you if you need a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) signed for your VIP traveler.