FACC-NY Web Design Recognized With Numerous Awards

June 24, 2019

After an intensive, 10 month project undertaken by the FACC-NY, we are pleased to report that the website redesign has been the recipient of numerous awards. The redesigned faccnyc.org website was officially launched in December 2018 and extended to the Chapters of Michigan, Gulf Coast, Dallas and Washington D.C. in January. Included in this project was the revision of our messaging to better articulate the mission of the Chamber, our unique positioning and membership base. The web design portion completely reimagined the site map, created a unique visual identity and also included integrations with a newly deployed CRM. 

Awards include: 

·Communicator Award for Website ReDesign (Distinction Level – Silver)

·Communicator Award for User Experience (Distinction Level – Silver)

·Muse Award for Community (Silver)

·Muse Award for Best User Experience (Rose Gold)

·Muse Award for Branding (Rose Gold)

·Hermes Honorable Mention for Website Design

·GDUSA Award for Website & Microsites

After successfully responding to the RFP, the project was attributed to the agencies Advantages and Emerging Media who were tasked with the execution. 

About the agencies: 

FACC Member Fran Biderman-Gros, CEO & Strategista: Messaging, Branding, Web Design & Web Integration

Advantages is a New York-based creative agency that engages markets through branding, advertising, consulting, & digital experiences. CEO & Strategista Fran Biderman-Gros leads her clients on a journey of brand discovery that explores their core values, mission, vision, and the personal "WHY" that propels them to excel every day. She then transforms the essence of their discovery into intensely creative branding, marketing, and business campaigns. By telling authentic stories through purposeful marketing.

FACC Member Susan Lindner:  Messaging & Branding

Trained as an anthropologist who has traveled and worked in more than 40 countries, Susan understands culture and how to communicate across industries and boundaries. As the CEO and Founder of an award-winning PR, marketing and branding agency, she knows the precise steps needed to build a brand and grow a business. As a comedian, she knows the value of stories and humor as the best teachers. Roll them all together and you’ve got the perfect keynote speaker and workshop leader. An insightful business mind, Susan has developed practical tools that you can implement immediately to guide you an impactful change.

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