2019 FACC Sustainability & Innovation Forum

May 13, 2019

Why Sustainability, Why Now?


From the 2015 Paris Agreement, to UN COP24, to the 2019 World Economic Forum at Davos, multinational organizations, governments, business leaders and citizens are heeding the call to implement change for current and future generations. 

Sustainability is now a key driver of innovation. Faced with pressure from international agreements and landmark reports on global warming, sustainability-oriented innovation is driving business growth, creating new private and public sector collaboration, and transforming strategy, products, and technologies.

The FACC network is composed of premier French and American companies. We believe that collectively, as individuals and companies, we can effect positive change for a more sustainable future.

Join us on May 13th for a chance to hear from global thought leaders and partake in exceptional business networking.

An Afternoon of Insights & Networking


Convening 200+ guests, this event will offer five dynamic panel discussions animated by eco-fashion shows, sustainable tasting tables and a showcase of innovative technology booths. Panel discussions will explore pressing issues and solutions in key sectors, including:

• U.S. & French Governance

• Food, Beverage & Hospitality

• Transportation & Energy

• Luxury, Fashion & Beauty

• Sustainable Tips for Individuals

Panelists and moderators will represent a balance mixed of high-level government officials, academic experts, business leaders, policymakers and media voices.

Keynote Speaker:


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1:15 PM Panel 1: Legislation & Governance - Shaping a Sustainable Future

In Paris on December 2015, 195 countries reached a historical agreement to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the consequences of climate change. Panelists will explore the impact of recent multilateral agreements, U.S. withdrawal and the shift of leadership for cities and corporations to work together towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.


2:15 PM Panel 2: Food, Beverage & Hospitality – Innovation From the Ground Up


With a rapidly growing population, reduction in global water supply, and new consumer demands – the world’s view of food, beverage and hospitality is changing. From waste dilemma, to supply chain sustainability and cause-oriented millennials, experts will discuss catalysts for change and its positive impact on profitability.

2:15 PM Panel 3: Energy & Transportation - Powering Viable Alternatives in Land, Sea & Air


As infrastructure ages, and cities expand, our reliance on energy only increases. Cities are pivoting from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to ambitious renewable energy projects. In New York City alone, there are millions of buildings in an area of about 300 square miles. How can the private sector help design more affordable homes, create new businesses, and advance sustainability?  

3:45 PM Panel 4: Luxury, Fashion & Beauty – Embracing Responsible Trends

Water pollution, toxic chemical use, and textile waste: Fast fashion is costing the environment. Join the debate around socially conscious brands, the sharing economy in fashion and innovation in textile production.

4:45 PM Panel 5: Sustainable Tips for Individuals – Changing Daily Behavior

Reducing your carbon footprint. Consuming only eco-friendly products. Fighting to protect the planet. Can the average person really make an impact? Fortunately, there are easy changes we can adopt in our daily lives to make a huge difference. Take home tips on resources for eco-friendly consumption and how to foster a positive impact on the environment.






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