Member news | June 17, 2019

Speakeasy is a communication consulting and executive development firm with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Amsterdam, and ongoing operations in Boston, DC, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Mumbai and Dubai. Since 1973, they have been helping executives at all levels achieve greater business results through more powerful communication – internally, with their colleagues and externally, with their clients. Some of their current clients include: Microsoft, Cisco, Sanofi, EY, Visa, The Coca-Cola Company, Accenture and LVMH.

Speakeasy is actively engaged with a number of clients whose leadership understands the critical role powerful communication plays in transferring knowledge and vision, inspiring others, and ultimately, driving the bottom line. That’s where they have established their value and reputation for more than 40 years. Communicating, inspiring, and growing.

THE OFFER: FACC Members receive a full membership to our online micro-learning suite called SelfLink for $1 a day for 30-days. As well as non-profit/govt. pricing honored for any professional development service at any location in the world.

To benefit from this offer, contact:

Kyle Barrett

Vice President of National Accounts

(908) 675-2525