Restoration of Notre Dame de Paris

Chapter News | April 22, 2019

The 19 National FACC Chapters’ members and staff are deeply saddened by last week’s fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The 12th century architectural gem, with its intricate facades and precious works of art, stands tall as a testament to Paris’ history, resilience and attractiveness as a renowned cultural & tourist destination.

The FACC network is composed of American citizens, French citizens, francophone professionals and francophiles, united by common values, mutual understanding and joint goals. Following the fire, numerous large FACC member companies came forward with significant contributions towards the reconstruction effort of the World Heritage Site.

Companies or individuals who wish to contribute to the rebuilding effort are encouraged to do so through the official website of the French Centre des Monuments Nationaux:

In time, may the Grande Dame of Paris shine brightly once again.