Private Collection & Corporate Art Curation by G&O Art

July 31, 2018
Modern, pop, conversation-striking and conceptual with a lightness of spirit are a few adjectives that describe the art selection on display in the FACC-NY office at 1375 Broadway. If you've ever crossed the threshold, it's hard to miss the statement piece hanging prominently against the far wall, a compilation of recognizable icons, a tapestry of Americana. It's the perfect introduction to the buzzing metropolis that is New York City and a great illustration of the companies and cultural references that will become second-nature to those arriving from France.  When furnishing the FACC office, it was important to showcase pieces that added warmth to our white walls and provided intrigue without overwhelming the various spaces. G & O Art Agents curated a harmonious selection that now hangs throughout the entire office, from the front entrance to the lounge, conference room and CoWorking space. We hope you will have the chance to pay us a visit and admire each piece! 

Boudro, Mosaic Red #9

Currently on display in the office are the works of several artists including: 

Boudro: Boudro lives and works in Montreal artist but his heart is in New York city. His style is unmistakably pop art. His works incorporate artistic expression, culture, consumption and publicity. Like an ode to the passage of time, Boudro immortalises the colors, contrasts, practices and behaviors of an entire generation. Gifted with an acute sense of precision, his aesthetic and approach have gotten him notices across the world, with works that reflect an agitated style of life that represents the feverish atmosphere of the Big Apple or the urban ballet of brands and celebrities. (Featured in the entrance)

Robion: Born in the French region of Brittany, Christine Robion has always been a painter. Living both in Paris and abroad, Christine has worked in highly varied environments for years that in subtle ways have influenced her work and allowed it to develop and be affirmed by the rhythm of places. Christine has worked and exhibited in Berlin, Guadeloupe, Paris, Cameroon, Cyprus, Greece and Burkina Faso. (Featured in the hallway, conference room and CoWork)

Van Gool: Dutch artist José Van GOOL is instrigued & impassioned by human nature and the way people move and interact, fit into their surroundings or into public places. Through her talent, José passes on to us the emotions she has captured in her subjects, whether they be walking on the beach at sunset, waiting for a train or strutting down the street wearing those long coats... they are walking into our lives...their feelings forever impressed on and expressed in our memories. (Featured in the Lounge)

All pieces seen here are rotating and available for purchase through G & O Art Agents. For details and pricing, please reach out to them via the link below. 

Meet the duo behind G & O Art Agents

Odile Gorse & Ghenadie Burlacu. Odile brings more than 40 years of expertise in the art business, complimented by Ghenadie's skill in public relations and advertising. G & O art caters to private and corporate collectors, international institutions, foundations, hospitality and luxury industries, galleries, art dealers and museums. Their success is based on close working relationships with all clients and on the ability to provide a wide range of visual arts of nationally and internationally recognized or emerging artists. 

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication awarded Odile Gorse the presigious French Medal of Arts- Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres- for her work in furthering the arts. 

G & O Art Agents can be reached by emailing or via their website.