New Podcast Episode on Digital Transformation within Banking

Banking & Finance | July 29, 2020

Thinking Beyond – Let’s Talk Innovation for the Future

Each episode of Thinking Beyond will treat you to an in-depth conversation with industry leaders who make up the FACC-NY network. These will be the stories behind the stories you read every day on the site and within the professional community.   

Digital Transformation within banking & finance is crucial now more than ever. On this week’s episode, we speak to Sankar Krishnan, EVP & Industry Head of Banking and Capital Markets at Capgemini, on innovation and what that digital transformation looks like within the banking world. In addition, Sankar explains how the digital transformation in banking has shifted due to COVID-19 and what he believes this space will look like in the near future.  

As Head of growth and industry head within the Banking & Capital markets Business Unit, Sankar focuses on innovation at some of the leading banking brands around the world. Sankar specializes in helping the banks sort their digital and strategic priorities to increase efficiency and operations within an ever-changing world.   

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