The New Bespoke Lingerie Brand Created in NYC

Member news | July 06, 2020

Rue du Paradis is a high end, online, bespoke lingerie brand created in New York by a woman in the FACC-NY network. The brand is built around three core values: self-love, female solidarity and sustainability.  

By manufacturing bespoke lingerie tailored to each woman’s unique body and made out of the finest French lace, the brand is preaching self-love by fighting the unrealistic beauty stereotypes that weight so many of us down on a daily basis. This bespoke experience is entirely accessible online, by filling out Rue du Paradis’ measurement taking questionnaire from the comfort and intimacy of each customer’s home.  The brand also offers complimentary online one-on-one measurement taking sessions.   The brand’s French lace is labeled “Dentelle de Calais-Caudry”, which meets the highest quality standards in the industry and stands for a historic know-how.  This extremely soft, resistant, yet delicate lace adds to the feeling of uniqueness the brand aims at conveying to each woman.

But more than a lingerie brand, Rue du Paradis is a family for all women.  It stands for female solidarity, in that the brand is dedicated to helping other women provide for themselves and for the education of their children.  Because Rue du Paradis believes that education is the foundation to a better world.

Finally, while sustainability can have many different definitions, Rue du Paradis’ definition of it is reducing waste and sourcing materials as best possible. It also means protecting our planet and ensuring that the human rights of those working behind the scenes are respected.  Rue du Paradis applies these standards to its products and its recyclable packaging.  The concept of custom-made lingerie in and by itself reduces waste since Rue du Paradis only produces lingerie upon an actual order.  But even in the world of custom production, some small fabric pieces are still left over.  Committing to its pillar of sustainability, Rue du Paradis uses these pieces to make a lingerie bag in which it ships its lingerie.  The bag can be reused for storing small items or to carry your essentials in your handbag or when travelling.


Instagram: @rueduparadislingerie