Meet the Member: Troy Elias, Office Leasing Broker

Member news | July 13, 2021

We are delighted to welcome Troy Elias as one of the FACC's newest members. Troy is an Office Leasing Broker at Cushman & Wakefield in New York City, where he specializes in renewal, relocations and sublease scenarios. His clients include Banque de France, Rothschild & Co., Deutsche Bundesbank, among many other prominent companies and organizations.








FACC: What do you like most about being Office Leasing Broker? What makes this profession rewarding for you? 

Being an Office Leasing Broker is similar to when you were a kid and your coach high-fived you after a great pitch or hit.  It’s that high-five that you remember—the same holds true as a Real Estate professional. I am driven every day by winning business, doing a fantastic job for my clients, and then having them refer you and come back to you as a repeat client.  Knowing that they look to you as a strategic advisor as well as someone who can and is going to help their business—is such a rewarding feeling.

FACC: Tell us about a recent project you worked on that you really enjoyed. 

We recently represented Banque de France to relocate its offices to the iconic Chrysler Building (during the height of the pandemic!).  With very few leases being signed at the time, we were able to structure a deal with very generous concessions (free rent) and enormous flexibility over the lease term—all while being remote and having very limited access to the physical space.  Also, just the other day we finalized a long-term lease renewal at 499 Park Avenue on behalf of Deutsche Bundesbank.  Bundesbank has been a tenant of the prestigious building since 1986 and we were able to vigorously negotiate for very favorable lease terms.  There are also a few other very exciting projects we’re working on!

FACC: What led you to join the FACC-NY network? 

In working with Banque de France for several years, we developed a very nice working relationship (I should be able to speak French fluently, but I can’t…).  The New York team believed it would be an exciting opportunity to join FACC as a way of networking.  I took their suggestion as almost that high-five moment I just mentioned.