Meet the Member: Anne Crespo, La Compagnie

Member news | February 08, 2022

We are delighted to welcome Anne Crespo to the FACC network! 

After 8 years working at TBWA advertising agency as a Brand Consultant to position or reposition brands in their various different markets, Anne decided to join one of her client companies in 2013: La Compagnie.

Anne was offered the opportunity to create the brand from scratch with the possibility to keep working on the brand from the inside until 2015. With great success, she was offered the position of Marketing & Communications Director which she still holds.

La Compagnie is a unique, all-business-class boutique airline with flights from New York to Paris or Nice; how do you think that this Unique Selling Point (USP) has benefited the company?

We are a human-sized company and I think this is what our passengers are looking for. They feel they are part of our family. They know our cabin crew, experience something unique and very personalized because we are small and more agile than other airlines. Boarding and disembarking take 10 minutes, onboard you have a very smooth and empathic experience and we remain accessible.

What advice do you have for young people in marketing who aspire to become leaders in the Marketing & Communications world one day?

Marketing is customer-centric. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Who they are, what media should they consume, the brand they like… And then try to connect with them and offer them the best experience possible. You don’t need to be an expert of the market but of the end customer.

Looking into a crystal ball, what’s the five-year plan for La Compagnie? Will we see it expanding its service?

We will already be expanding to Milan in April 2022. We need to consolidate 2022 as a post covid year in order to achieve buying a 3rd aircraft to keep developing new routes between the US and Europe 

Why led you to join the FACC-NY community?

By flying between France and the US we are a link between the 2 countries like FACC-NY is. We belong to the same community and same family and it was time to reinforce the bounces.