Meet the Member: Matthieu Gueblez, Head of Product Innovation Expertise Cell

Member news | February 22, 2022

Matthieu graduated with an Engineering Master's Degree in France and began his career in the transportation industry. First as a Thermal Calculation engineer, then he moved into project management and now he has successfully transitioned into a Strategic Business Partner.

Despite the COVID crisis, he opted to join TMC USA to establish a brand new division, the Product Innovation Expertise Cell, in order to support his clients in developing safer and smarter solutions as well as develop a fast-paced work environment for my team.

Today, Matthieu is delighted to have major players from the transportation industry as partners. His mission is to provide them with the experts they need to support the development of innovative systems that are changing the world of transportation...

Tell us a little about TMC USA and what you specialize in.

First, it is important to describe our activity as an international group: TMC is a high-tech consultancy company which provides the best engineers to clients located all over the world.

Speaking of the USA in particular, we bring highly skilled engineers to clients located in different parts of the country. Our objective is to understand the needs of our clients and try matching them with our talents.  We address clients in various industries (transportation, energy, manufacturing, IT services) looking for experts, sometimes difficult to find, to help them with a specific project. TMC supports them to find the expertise they need.

But we bring more than expert engineers: we bring employeneurs!

When TMC was founded, they started with the idea of employeneurship, an agile combination between Employee and Entrepreneur mindset!  The DNA of the company is built around 5 pillars

  • A full-time job for employeneurs.
  • A personal budget for training, and the access to expert coaches up to $2000 per year.
  • An entrepreneurial lab where they can work on several projects, owing the Intelectual property of their new technology developments.
  • Individual profit sharing ( we share each month the profit of the projects with each employeneur ) based on a full transparency model.
  • Organization in business cells: employeneurs belong to a specific unit and field depending on their expertise.

To sum up, TMC’s expertise is here to help our clients through all different steps of new products development, services or web tools. From the early stages of R&D all the way through to operations or maintenance.

Tell us about the Public Transportation (metro) project your team is currently working on.

Public Transportation and especially metros technology is a big part of TMC USA and the Product innovation business. As an example, I have a group of 10 consultants working on the design, testing, integration, and commissioning of the signaling system, which is essentially the nervous system for New York City Transit.  

The signaling system gives trains instructions on when they can and can't go, how fast they should move, and where the track switches are set to route trains. These devices are designed to increase notably the efficiency of the transportation system while keeping trains at a safe distance from one another and to prevent them from moving in dangerous ways.

How can our members benefit from TMC USA’s services? 

In the U.S. right now, we see a shortage of high-qualified engineers and a huge number of needs. We, TMC USA, have a great ability to look for experts, sometimes difficult to find, to help you with a specific project. One interesting thing that we can do is transfer consultants from one country or a project to another depending on the needs of our clients.

Furthermore, my role at TMC is to supervise, or should I say, be the career copilot to those engineers, assisting them in charting their professional paths and strategizing to achieve their goals.