Meet the Member: Paychex

Member news | July 30, 2018

For small teams, questions of HR, payroll, retirement and insurance can often be time consuming and difficult to navigate. FACC member

Paychex helps business owners and managers focus on what they do best and streamline their administrative tasks.  We spoke with sales consultant Sarah Nohavec to learn more about their B2B services:  FACC: Paychex offers scalable HR solutions, have you identified different needs between small and large businesses or are they more similar than we may imagine? SN: From a daily operations standpoint, the needs of small and large businesses can differ greatly based on the number of employees, field of business, and a number of other factors. From an HR and compliance standpoint, smaller and larger businesses are more similar than we may imagine. You cannot neglect HR no matter how big or small your company is because many times cities will require that companies of all sizes are compliant with the same laws. I actually worked with a 5 employee medical office who continued to protest that certain laws should not apply to them because they are a small office. They later got hit with a DCA (department of consumer affairs) investigation and penalty and they realized that these items also apply to them. Additionally a lot of NYS/NYC laws have been implemented by dividing applicable laws based on large and small employers, however in the next couple of years the requirements (for wages) will be the same for businesses of all sizes. FACC: In your opinion, for a foreign company entering into the U.S. market, what is the most difficult thing to grasp in regards to the domains you cover (payroll, HR, retirement, insurance)? How does Paychex simplify this for them? SN: HR and various insurances are the most difficult to grasp. Paychex delivers a spectrum of high-quality HR services that grow with a company’s needs. Even if a business only has one employee, they need to develop legally compliant business policies and procedures. Paychex HR Services offers self-service products and an HR specialist, who can help with employee management, compliance, benefits and more. FACC: Does Paychex take into consideration State specific laws and specifications and help companies decipher it all? SN: Absolutely. Paychex’s HR specialists are well versed in all federal laws, they are also educated on state and local laws to be able to deliver a strategic consultation while taking into consideration the ways these laws overlap with one another. FACC: Does automation make the HR process less human, or inversely, more human by allowing HR managers to focus less on administrative tasks? SN: The HR process will never be fully automated. There is a lot of social interaction and perception involved in HR – especially when it comes to discrimination and harassment. Automation allows managers to focus less on administrative tasks which ultimately allows them to focus on the social and interactive aspect of HR. FACC: What advice would you give to other FACC members regarding making the most of their membership in the chapter? SN: My advice to other FACC members is to attend events and to utilize the member directory. I also advise members to reach out to the Managers and Associates of the FACC to find out ways you can become more involved with the chamber.