Meet the Member: Léanne Ansar, Marketing Director

Member news | September 30, 2020

Meet Léanne Ansar, the Marketing Director of France-Amérique, the leading French culture magazine in the USA.

Their unique bilingual format attracts francophones but also the vast francophile population. Léanne in charge of all aspects of marketing such as partnerships, advertising, communications, social media, and digital strategy.

Keep reading to learn more about her role and her insights on digital marketing and more...

FACC: What is the most comprehensive marketing strategy you created and executed as Marketing Director at France-Amérique Magazine?

The most comprehensive marketing strategy I can share is that we have worked very hard in creating new partnerships (which we have now doubled!) This has been a key to our success this year. We hope to triple it by the next. That being said, feel free to connect with us!

FACC: France-Amérique has recently gone through a rebranding. What role did you play in bringing the magazine to its fresh and improved identity?

Under the great leadership of our new Director, Guénola Pellen, we were able to completely modernize the magazine and truly become the best of French culture in the US. My biggest role in improving the identity would be “cohesiveness”. The print magazine now also reflects our improved social media platforms, newsletter, and coming soon, our new website!

FACC: Is print dead as they say? 

LONG LIVE PRINT! It is not dead and is steadily increasing. Especially during this pandemic, we saw a huge surge of new subscribers. People enjoy a physical and quality magazine with intelligent content. Under quarantine and now, everyone wants to get an escape from all the digital screens.

How effective is social media marketing in bringing new customers? Especially in these unique times?

Social media has been a wonderful tool for us to reach new subscribers. During the pandemic, back in May, it was stated that people were on social media, 50% more! We have doubled our efforts, especially on Instagram which have proven to give us higher reach, engagement, and click-through rate. 

FACC: Why do you love marketing?

I love being able to complete a project, study our statistics, and identify our fortunate return! Then use those project examples to better our future campaigns.

FACC: What changes do you see in social engagement with constant new platform algorithm changes?

I see that now, everyone has to be a lot more active than before on their platforms. You can't easily just grow anymore, the key word is “engaging” with your audience... and other like-minded audiences! ( wink)

FACC: For our members who aren’t particularly social media savvy and are interested in utilizing it to increase their business’s visibility and engagement, what advice could you give them for each of the following platforms?

Most social media handles work the same way to increase your reach with the algorithm, here are some tips that apply to all the below:

-FREQUENCY: Make sure you are posting every day, if you are already posting every day and have enough content, post 2 times a day.

-ENGAGE: The first 60 minutes that you post are the most important. Make sure that after posting you are engaging with other like-minded people who can like & comment to improve your reach.

-THE BEST TIP EXPLAINED: Go on other organizations like yourself and like/comment, they often do it back. Create “growing” friends/partnerships on the platforms and help each other out!

-HASHTAGS: YES, they are super important, and on Instagram, you can use up to 30 tags! Make sure to do your research in finding what strategy works best for you and who you want to reach. Feel free to put them in the comments to not abstract your caption.

-APP TOOLS: for Instagram to get UNUM to plan your feed, JETPACK to save your hashtags

FACC: In addition to your career as Marketing Director at France-Amérique, you are also a successful micro Instagram influencer.  How did you achieve success in the social sphere? 

I believe what has made me “successful” is I always stayed true to who I am and engaged with my audience. I genuinely love helping people in any way and value being able to build digital friendships. Having a unique “persona” sets you apart from the competitive crowd. For example, moi, a French-American living in New York. It sounds simple, but some people find it interesting! I share my love of both cultures and languages on my platform.

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