Meet the Member: Eff Creative

Member news | July 09, 2018

On this week's Meet the Member feature, we sat down with

Eff Creative, a boutique design agency with one of the most diverse teams you'll ever meet. Find out what they had to say about modern media and making it in the competitive NYC market.    What unique know-how sets Eff Creative apart when working with incoming international companies?  EC: Eff Creative's international and diverse team gives us a unique perspective in creating campaigns for the global marketplace, with experience from industries and cultures across the world. Our experience lies in launching digital and consumer products from international clients through strategy-based design, development and marketing campaigns.  In your opinion, what is the most common misconception about the U.S. or NY Market?  EC: Launching international products into the US market requires international brands to adjust their messaging and branding to appeal to the diverse demographics and income groups that make the US market more diverse than most other countries. A common strategy that Eff Creative Group employs to address this heterogeneous population is to create stratified brands that appeal to different audiences in order to create targeted sell statements that communicate differently to different people.  In one word, how would you describe modern media?  EC: Strategy What drove you to become a member of the FACC?  EC: We have a multi-cultural team led by individuals who have successfully done business with international audiences before, including France, so we are working with many international chambers of commerce. If you're interested in learning more about ways Eff Creative can bring creative solutions to your next communications campaign, get in touch through the

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