Meet the Member: David H. Nachman, Esq., Managing Attorney

September 09, 2020

Meet David Nachman, Esq., a Managing Attorney with 30 years of Business and Corporate Immigration Law experience. Mr. Nachman works with business immigration clients if all sizes on Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas and With HR Managers throughout the US and abroad to assist with immigration law compliance including investigations by ICE, FDNS, DOS, and DOL. Mr. Nachman works with a Team of other Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Specialist Staff including a Canadian Lawyer (resident in the US) to provide creative inbound and outbound Immigration Law options.

FACC-NY: Tell us about your journey in becoming a Managing Attorney in the US Immigration Law Division? 

My legal journey began as a business and corporate Associate at one of New Jersey’s Premier (largest) law firms called Crummy Del Deo ( now, Gibbons). It was here that one of the partners was good enough to enlist me to handle a corporate business immigration law for a prominent French Pharmaceutical Company. After realizing that modifications to the equity in a corporation could provide interesting platforms for US immigration, we began to handle many cases in the IT field, manufacturing, education, etc. for clients predominantly from France and from others from throughout the world.

FACC-NY: What drives your passion to practice Business and Corporate Immigration Law? 

My passion for this practice area comes from the fact that business and corporate immigration practice adds tremendous value to the economic infrastructure of our nation. Oftentimes, the media confuses (sometimes intentionally) illegal immigration with legal immigration. My journey to educate my colleagues about the value that business immigration brings to the United States (in terms of entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, and significant economic contributions) is unequivocal. Not a day goes by where I do not have opportunities to assist individuals who have tremendous skillsets and whose academic and practical endeavors continue to help me to understand that I am not just coming to work every day to “practice law“ but I am assisting the United States to compete in the “worldwide brain drain“.

FACC-NY: What clients do you usually work with on a day-to-day basis? 

I am very lucky to be able to have clients who are highly-educated, highly-motivated, and who are consistently adding value by creating many jobs for US workers. Oftentimes, I hear that the entrepreneurial spirit in the United States is slowly dying. The “melting pot“ created by immigration for individuals with unique and valuable skillsets helps our country stay on the cutting-edge with regard to achieving the race for prioritization in global technological advances. It is no surprise that most start-up companies as well as large Silicon Valley companies are founded by and managed by immigrants.

FACC-NY: Immigration is a topic that generally receives a lot of news coverage. Can you tell us a little bit about the realities of practicing immigration law under the current administration and times?  

As previously mentioned, the current administration has done a great deal to try to confound “illegal” with “legal” immigration. In fact, taking a look at some of the recent proclamations by the Trump administration, it would appear clearly to be the case that the president's draconian determinations are “across the board“ as opposed to taking a reason and measured approach to the way in which to administer the immigration laws and regulations in our country. NPZ Law Group’s recent challenges as US immigration lawyers have been and continues to educate individuals about the distinction between illegal and legal immigration. Legal immigration continues to be good for our nation. Researchers, scientists, doctors, and business people with unique skillsets add value to our nation’s economic infrastructure. Illegal immigration is not helpful to our economy. The Trump administration has blurred the distinction because the creation of this confusion for the public is good for the Trump campaign because it speaks to a group of people in the United States who have difficulty drawing the distinction.

FACC-NY: What advice do you have someone who is interested in working in Business and Corporate Immigration Law or to someone who is early in their career in the field? 

The best advice that I can provide for an individual who is interested in pursuing a position in the field of business immigration law is to find a good mentor but, most important, is to become a member of various professional organizations that offer opportunities to educate. For example, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) offers unique opportunities for young lawyers to hone their skills and to stay abreast of immigration developments on a day-to-day basis. AILA also has an international chapter so that Immigration lawyers in the United States are able to interface with their international counterparts and to provide support for international corporations on a worldwide basis. The camaraderie among members of this organization is unsurpassed. Another useful professional Organization to join is the FACC.

FACC-NY: What led you to join the FACC-NY community? 

As mentioned, our office handles a large number of cases from France and other French-speaking countries. In addition, and as previously mentioned, one of my first clients was a French pharmaceutical company. We continue to find that the French businesses bring tremendous value and innovation to the United States and it is a pleasure to continue to support those efforts through our various business immigration law platforms. We assist our French clients with E, H, O, and L nonimmigrant visa Applications among others. We also assist our French and other international clients with green card petitions and work permit applications. we also provide US immigration law compliance support to human resource managers in international companies in the US.

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