Meet the Member: Bertille Kohler, Associate Director of Dreaméo

Member news | March 26, 2019

In February, the FACC welcomed Bertille Kohler, Associate Director of Dreaméo to the New York network. Dreaméo is a Paris-based, boutique real estate agency that specializes in investment advice, building work and rental management. Read on to learn more about their business philosophy and how they hope to contribute to the FACC network.

FACC: Dreaméo provides investment advice, building work and rental management in France. In investment specifically, what are some of the benefits that France offers to foreign investors?

BK: Since France is fundamentally a country of owners, there is no risk to invest because the real-estate market is continually boosted by strong demand. France is also known for its economic and political stability and for its touristic attractiveness as well (culture, geographical, know-how, etc....). Besides this, most of the real-estate market is centralized in Paris. Its market is stable, non-speculative and always stimulated by a high internal and external demand. Any investor (French or foreign) who buys in Paris knows exactly he is banking on a safe and strong Capital of the European Union.

FACC: With the Brexit negotiations still uncertain and nearing closer each day, what impacts have you observed in the Paris market specifically? Do you help with the repatriation of French nationals from foreign postings either in London or the U.S. ?

BK: With the Brexit announcement by the United Kingdom and the multiplication of negotiations about a hard Brexit, the real-estate sector is constantly on alert. At this state, we cannot evaluate which impacts the Brexit will have on the French economy, particularly on the real-estate market. However, with the actual negotiations, we should probably expect an increase from:

private demands for individual accommodations,

incoming foreign investors who would like to invest in a risk-free market,

international companies looking to set up their headquarters in Paris or other major cities such as Lille (closest from UK), Lyon or Bordeaux.

Our company does not help with the repatriation of French nationals from foreign postings. Nevertheless, our activity of house hunting allows us to search individual accommodation for French expatriates, so they may focus on others important aspects of their home country return. In the case we are not able to directly fulfill this kind of demand, we can connect them to our network’s partners.

FACC: For the beginning of 2019, are there any client trends that you are observing? (i.e. increasing demand for studios, 2 bedrooms, certain amenities etc.)

BK: Real-estate products are rare at the beginning of this year while price keeps on rising. We observe that some areas in Paris like 16th and 17th arrondissements are highly demanded because of their family accommodation (three-bedroom apartments). We also witness the same tendencies as 2018: one or two-bedroom apartments are instantly sold out. To make a profitable and reasonable rental investment, we advise to invest from around 160 square feet for a one-bedroom apartment, to 323 square feet for a two-bedroom apartment. Buying an old apartment with large renovation works to be done is still recommended.

FACC: You are a small agency with 9 associates. What are your strengths and what would you say characterizes the Dreaméo team?

BK: Customers who come to us are looking for commitment, confidence and serenity. They want to be advised and reassured about their project. Since they are aware of the time and energy it requires, the necessity to have a strong networks and skills to buy an apartment, working with us is the guarantee for setting up and run their projects in a reasonable delay.

What is making us very good at our job is our small size. In fact, each worker has a specific expertise in their field (house hunting, works and renovation, rental and rental management) so they give precise advice and recommendations which are highly appreciated to our clients. Moreover, being a small team is truly an advantage because everyone has a perfect knowledge of the client’s project from A to Z. All of these allow us to provide very close, personalized and comprehensive support and follow-up.

FACC: For individuals considering ownership in France, are there any specificities they should research or understand beforehand? i.e. fundamentals of or changes to the Loi Pinel or other?

BK: Before considering ownership in France, it is very essential to contact your bank or a mortgage company to know exactly which loan conditions and tax level are applicable on your situation. It will help determine the main purpose of your project because without this, the project is likely to be inaccurate, and any further projection / estimation would be obsolete.

For next steps, it is better to get close to real-estate market experts who will advise and guide you to ensure the success of the project.

FACC: How did you hear about the FACC and what do you hope to gain from your membership?

BK: We were looking for partnerships with non-lucrative associations and organisms specialized in connecting with French expatriates when we found the FACC network. It appeared this could be a great opportunity for us, particularly on meeting companies and inspiring people with whom we hope to share our experiences and knowledges.

Being a FACC member represents the advantage of being part of an international network, within which we could build up quality partnerships with companies that we wish to work with hand in hand on complementary services.

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