Meet the Member: Benjamin Pik, Head of US Desk - Certified Public Accountant France & USA

Member news | January 12, 2021

FACC Member, Benjamin PIK is French and American CPA who holds a degree from Université Paris Dauphine and from Concordia Univeristy.

Prior to joining Compagnie Fiduciaire as the head of the US Desk in Paris, Benjamin worked for 8 years in international accounting firms accross North America, Middle East and Europe where he coordinated French and foreign reporting audits, provided advisory services for governance and risk monitoring. Cabinet Henderson is the foreign desk of Compagnie Fiduciaire dedicated to American Business services and Private Tax services.

The US Desk provides business advisory and tax optimization services for both American expat and companies of the United States wishing to settle down in France. This desk assists US subsidiaries in France and American entrepreneurs who wants to develop their business in France by providing them administrative accounting and tax assistance.

FACC-NY: Cabinet Henderson specializes in providing a wide range of services for English speaking individuals and businesses in France. What advice would you give to an American company that is currently setting up a business in France or wishes to in the near future?

The best advice I would give to an American company that is currently setting a business in France is to always start by creating a business plan. This allows to clarify the mission statement and vision for their business, and means they can show investors – and more importantly the French business bank account manager – exactly how their business will run.

They will need to consider who is their market and customers will be, how much money you they will be investing, what business experience they have and how much money they are likely to make and spend during the next few years.

FACC-NY: Your firm offers a variety of private tax and business tax services. Is there one sector you find particularly challenging or one who could benefit the most from the expert counsel from Cabinet Henderson to best optimize qualifying tax exemptions or credits?

Many clients come to us for advice and are often pleasantly surprised to learn of the existence of a tax treaty between France and the US. This treaty is supposed to help them to avoid double taxation through a reciprocal tax credit system between the two countries.

Our goal at Cabinet Henderson is to accompany them on these problematics and to rectify past tax returns that have been wrongly submitted because of lack of information

FACC-NY: Can you tell us more about your background and how long you have been in New York City? 

I was born and raised in Paris. I have always been very attached to the American community in France. It’s therefore natural that I have decided to pursue a career in which I will be in contact with this community. After a bachelor's degree in management from the University of Paris-Dauphine, I moved to Montreal, Canada to pursue a degree in accounting. I then validated my CPA in the US and then in France. Over the past 10 years I have worked in 3 different continents in various international accounting firms. (Deloitte, BDO...). I decided to set up my own structure a year ago with Compagnie Fiduciaire to open a US office in Paris

FACC-NY: What do you most appreciate about the NY business culture?

New York state offers access to a strong consumer base with significant disposable income. Further, there are numerous lenders and investors who can help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

What I appreciate the most about the NY business culture is the language melting pot. As a French native speaker, I really appreciate to hear nearly 10-15 different languages in the same day. While my home in Paris is an international hub, and I definitely hear different languages, it is certainly not completely immersed in culture the way NYC is.

FACC-NY: What convinced you that being a part of the FACC was a smart choice to help develop and grow your business?'

I believe FACC – NY is doing great things to connect people together (networkings events, webinars…) and therefore represent Cabinet Henderson in this chamber of commerce was very natural

FACC-NY: Where do you see yourself and your business in five years, what are your aspirations?

We are aspiring to develop and consolidate our business in France and opening a branch in the US most probably in NYC

FACC: As a member, what do you hope to share with the community?

In these dark and difficult times, I pray that we all survive against coronavirus and we emerge as winners against this threat to the world. If we are together then we can fight any challenge in this world. I wish to all the community a year filled with success and good health.

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