Meet the Ambassador: Elie Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Wave Group

Member news | January 27, 2020

In our latest Meet the Ambassador feature, we had the chance to reconnect with FACC Ambassador, Elie Cohen, who has over 20 years of experience as a business developer engaging with sophisticated clients in the industrial, technology and financial sectors in Europe and in North America.  We learned about his leadership practices in his career and role as a FACC Ambassador. 

Keep reading to learn more about his experience working in the French-American business realm.  


FACC: What inspires to get out of bed each morning to be the leader that you are?

EC: Firstly, I love NYC, this city electrifies me. NYC is a vibrant hub for so many different individuals following some interesting trajectory. They arrive in NYC, driven by their dreams. They are determined to accomplish something. I am curious about others. Business is an opportunity to engage with them and take on the task of helping them reach their goals. Isn’t it rewarding?

FACC: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Why and how did this person impact your life and help you get to where you are today?

EC: It’s not easy to respond to your question - our lives are shaped and influenced by so many different people and events… Do you know Steven Bradbury? Steven is an Australian short track speed ice skater. He became the most unexpected gold medalist in the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. Against all odds, he took advantage of a mistake that caused his fellow finalists – all favorites – to fall. He ended up crossing the line, alone, standing on his skates...He led and inspired a new talented generation of Australian Olympic athletes. What is inspiring for me here is that it speaks about passion, hard work, commitment, keeping focused one the ultimate goal, remaining agile, seizing opportunities, having faith and ultimately having fun. I trust leadership model “lead by example.”

FACC: From your robust expertise in developing complex solutions, mix of technology, advisory services, managed services, and professional services, what overall support do you feel is necessary for both employees and a company to be successful?

EC: I feel that successful organizations find real benefit when they empower their human capital to accomplish what they promised to achieve. Successful organizations don’t struggle about technology or funding. In order to be successful in the long run, most organizations need to adjust to shared leadership models.

FACC: If you could sum up the 3 major differences between doing business with American vs. French clients, what would they be?

EC:  1 - No matter what your target audience is in the US, you will find it and you will be able to access decision makers and make a deal with them if you have a clear value proposition and the means to deliver on it. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you know. In the US, if you have something interesting and real to offer, you will always find someone who will listen to you and who will be prepared to become your champion.

2 - Consequently, you need to invest in marketing from day one – it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity

3 - Build a French / U.S. blended talented team – this cultural mix is a key for success.

FACC: What initially attracted you to becoming an Ambassador with the FACC-NY and what is the most intriguing part to you about the role?

EC: First and foremost, it is a true honor for me to be recognized as an Ambassador for FACC. I have been a FACC Fan from day one, supporting FACC as much as I can, recruiting new members or supporting FACC’s initiatives, events, or gatherings.

Becoming an Ambassador is a nice way to formalize this bond as an involved and active member of this vibrant community. This is a way to meet even more interesting folks, which is, indeed, very cool!

FACC: What do you think general public should know about Wave Group and the direction it is heading in for 2020?

EC: At Wave Group, we thrive on “Accelerating Momentum” for international clients expanding in North America. Clients range from Startups - funded to launch in North America -, to established companies looking for pivotal adjustments related to marketing strategy, marketing re-engineering, sales, governance, operations and finance, legal, regulatory and risk. Hence, our transformation team of senior advisors provides a unique blend of advisory and execution management services focusing on short term results for our clients across all economic sectors.

2020 is already positioning Wave Group at the crossroads of international projects for institutional clients, regions and states in the US and in Canada. We also have increased activity geared to helping clients finding access to financing or capital (note: Wave Group is not a Finra / SEC registered Broker dealer).'

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