Live Stream Wine Game Show : Coming Soon

Food, Beverage, Hospitality | August 05, 2020

With in-person events being out of the picture and after many years of collaborating together at FACC-NY events, we have joined forces with our Delicious Partners at Sud de France to bring you a live stream wine game show on Thursday, August 20th at 6 PM ET! 

Stay tuned to learn from SDF's Brand Ambassador and wine legend, Jamal Rayyis on Instagram and Facebook  LIVE stories where he will demystify a unique, white wine: Picpoul de Pinet.

From micro to macro, Jamal will break down the following through a series of trivia questions asked to a member of the FACC-NY team:

  • Fundamentals of the wine region 
  • Tasting notes
  • Answers to FAQs and recommended bottles

Here is a word from Jamal on the special wine...

"In the south of France, what's (nearly) synonymous with oysters? 'Picpoul!' From a grape of the same name (usually spelled 'Piquepoul'), the wine is made in its own special region: Picpoul de Pinet, located on the Thau Estuary and adjacent to some of France's largest oyster beds.  Fresh and brimming with citrus and pear flavors, Picpoul is also noted for its mouthwatering acidity, making it the ideal accompaniment for oysters.  Because of its acidity, its name is said to derive from an old Occitan term for "lip stinger." Whether that's true, it's a good story for an even better wine that's available for a remarkably low cost, - usually between $8 to $15.  To get every bit of freshness, try to enjoy the most recent vintages - now, 2019 or 2018.

Picpoul de Pinet is easily found in wine shops and quality is generally consistent. Choose any with confidence, but here are are few favorites:  Domaine Felines Jourdan, Domaine de Cabrol, Domaine Julie Benau, Les Costières de Pomerols, Gaujal St Bon, Moulin de Gassac Picpoul de Pinet, and lots of others!"

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