Female Entrepreneur in the Network to Launch Bespoke Lingerie Pop-Up

Member news | August 30, 2021

FACC-NY Member Company Rue du Paradis, the bespoke, high-end, online lingerie brand is opening its very first pop-up store in Nolita.  The pop-up store will be located at 173 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, in the heart of the city’s coziest shopping haven.  The pop-up store’s theme will revolve around the concept of self-love.  With this in mind, it is named the “Love Yourself Pop-Up Store”, as an ode to feminine well-being and sisterhood. Customers will be able to come in, schedule their measurement taking session, choose from an array of delicate French lace displayed in the store, decide on the design of their unique, bespoke piece of lingerie, watch Rue du Paradis’ founder sewing lingerie, learn about lace manufacturing and get an insight into the making of a bra. 

Rue du Paradis has also invited two other female-owned brands carrying unique products that cater to one’s self-love.  The first brand is fellow FACC-NY Member Company Elastique Athletics, a Texas based brand that makes wearable self-care with their unique MicroPerle beads technology imbedded in their luxury French compression fabrics to activate the lymph system – a sort of wearable spa!  The second brand is Juliette. Design, a New York based brand that brings the French “je ne sais quoi” to your wardrobe. Two go-to brands of Rue du Paradis’ founder!