Fast-Up Partners Featured in FT 1000 Ranking

Member news | March 06, 2020

Fast-Up Partners ranks among the Top 500 European companies having the highest growth rate in the FT 1000 ranking published by the Financial Times. Fast-Up Partners was also ranked among the Top 10 management consulting firms. This ranking rewards the companies which achieved the highest revenue growth between 2015 and 2018, among more than 50,000 qualified companies across Europe.

This performance illustrates the success of the excubation model developed by Fast-Up Partners. Fast-Up Partners continuously assess growth opportunities with funds and corporations, co-invests in the highest potential ideas and turns them into reality through excubation. This unique approach leverages the corporation’s competitive advantage yet frees the venture from corporate constraints and work at start-up speed, with decisiveness and no complacency.

“Excubation is great for companies that need an entrepreneurial energy to develop and drive ambitious projects at a fast pace. Our model efficiently combines the scale of our clients with the agility of our teams. It gives an unfair advantage to the ventures we build with our clients and results in unparalleled success rates. Excubation is a proven model to innovate that companies should consider as an alternative to M&A and incubation“ said Rémi Honoré, U.S. Business Manager at Fast-Up Partners and FACC Member. Read Remi's story on the Fast-Up website. 

If you are interested in learning more about Fast-Up Partners and the excubation model, the FACC would be glad to connect you with Rémi.

Fast-Up Partners is the #1 venture excubation firm in Europe. We are a team of corporate leaders and top consultants turned successful digital entrepreneurs. We continuously assess growth opportunities with investment funds and corporations and turn the highest potential ideas into reality through excubation: we take the lead of operations with corporate-grade professionalism, leverage the company’s competitive advantage, yet free the venture from corporate constraints. We work at start-up speed, with aligned interests, decisiveness and no complacency, all to boost the odds of success before corporate re-integration. With offices in Paris, New York and London, we are part of the fastest growing companies in France (Les Echos’ Top 50) and in Europe (Financial Times Top 500).