Exchange Visitor FAQs

J-1 & YE | April 01, 2021
  1. Now that the J-1 visa suspension has expired, is the FACC-NY accepting Exchange Visitor Program applications again?

Not yet. While this is terrific news, it is unfortunately only one step towards resuming the Exchange Visitor Program.

Until the Schengen travel restrictions are lifted, embassies in these countries will not resume routine visa services.

Because of this, the FACC-NY will wait for the Schengen travel restrictions to also be lifted before we begin accepting applications for the Exchange Visitor Program.

  1. Do you have any update on Schengen travel restrictions?

No. The travel restrictions from the Schengen area countries (Presidential Proclamation 10143) are still in effect and do not have a set expiration date. We will make an announcement once we learn more.

  1. I am in the United States and have extended my program, but now the visa in my passport has expired. What should I do?

If you have extended your program, you should have received a new DS-2019 reflecting the extended program dates. The extended DS-2019 serves as proof that you are legally in the United States. You can travel freely within the U.S. during your extension period, even if your visa is expired. (Please take note of any COVID-related travel guidelines).

  • If your visa is currently expired - Do not travel outside the United States. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to apply for an extended visa at this time. Without a valid visa you will not be able to re-enter the United States.
  • If you have a valid visa - The FACC-NY is still discouraging international travel. If you can avoid it, please do not leave the United States. The travel restrictions and the J-1 visa suspension are both still in effect, and the FACC-NY cannot guarantee your re-entry.

VIEs: Please note that Business France is also not authorizing international travel at this time.

  1. I am outside the United States and my visa is about to expire or has already expired. What do I do?

If you are outside the United States and your visa expiring soon, we strongly recommend that you return as soon as you can. Keep in mind that you may need to spend 14+ days in a non-restricted country in order to enter the United States.

If you are outside the United States and your visa has already expired, please contact your FACC-NY Account Manager or  

  1. Does my insurance cover the cost of COVID-19 tests?

Maybe. Be sure to check with your insurance provider what services they cover.

For non-V.I.Es: Envisage (Seven Corners) does not cover COVID-19 tests (unless ordered by a physician) or quarantine arrangements. Read more here.

For any additional questions about insurance, please reach out directly to your provider.

  1. My Exchange Visitor Program is ending soon. Can I stay in the United States after my program end date?

All exchange visitors benefit from a 30-day grace period after their program end date, during which they can stay in the United States for tourism.

After the 30-day grace period ends, exchange visitors are expected to leave the United States, in accordance with J-1 visa regulations.

Please remember the Non-Employment Statement that both you and your Host Company signed at the beginning of your program indicating that you would not seek employment for at least one year following the completion of your J-1 program.


If you have any questions that are not addressed above, please email