CEO Book Club with French Author living in the US

Member news | November 01, 2021


The Lettuce Diaries” is not a traditional business book – it doesn’t dictate how to run your business. On the contrary: it is a great example of vulnerability and humility. This autobiography, extremely relatable to any CEO, highlights some of the challenges of the learning process of growing into the role of a successful CEO, e.g.: the loneliness, the wrong people decisions, the financial struggles of a growing company. It is a fun book with a happy ending: the perfect book for a busy Q4!

Below is Amazon’s take on the book:

A snobbish French executive arrives in Shanghai with his expensive shoes and ties, expecting a short career-boosting posting before returning to Paris. Instead, he ends up deep in China's manure-soaked fields, buying and selling vegetables, all because he has convinced himself that he can singlehandedly drag Chinese agriculture into the 21st Century. It didn't work out as he planned.
The Lettuce Diaries is a revealing and humorous memoir of entrepreneurship, doubling as a primer for all seeking to do business in China, and explaining things the French executive, Xavier Naville, only learned the hard way - like humility and listening to people, and how the Chinese economy is both totally different and a huge opportunity.

  • Event: CEO Book Club to discuss the book (ie you have to read the book first!)
  • Date: Thursday, December 2nd at noon EST / 6 pm CET (on Zoom)
  • Attendees: CEOs / President / General managers / Business owners
  • Author: Xavier Naville, will be with us to discuss our insights from his book.
  • To register: send RSVP to FACC-NY Member: