About the FACC Foundation

The French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (FACC Foundation) was launched in 2012 to sponsor the training and education of the next generation of transatlantic business leaders. Through its highly selective "Serge Bellanger French-American Business Scholarship Program", the FACC Foundation provides financial support to French students seeking to pursue an MBA in the U.S., and to American students who wish to pursue an MBA, a Master's degree or a Mastère Specialisé in a business-related discipline in France.

Every year, the FACC Foundation provides multiple, merit-based scholarships. Each scholarship is worth $10,000 and exclusively covers academic tuition. To date, the FACC Foundation has awarded over $1 million in scholarships.

2024 applications are open! French and American students studying graduate-level business on the other side of the Atlantic are encouraged to apply.

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Applications will be under review by a jury during the months of April and May and scholarship winners will be notified in June.

Please email faccfoundation@faccnyc.org with questions.




Honoring Serge Bellanger

As the longest serving president of the FACC—from 1983 until his passing in 2009— Mr. Bellanger was a man of integrity, inspiration and vision who significantly impacted the French-American business community.

Serge served as Chief Representative of the French banking group CM-CIC in the United States and founder of its U.S. branch, President Emeritus and former President of the Association of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (UCCIFE) in France, Foreign Trade Advisor for France, and President of the Grand Marnier Foundation. He oversaw the expansion and transformation of the FACC into a national network of 20 chapters servicing France's image and its entrepreneurs.

Alumni Voices

Mathieu Chevrollier (2013)
“The Serge Bellanger Scholarship was not only a great financial boost, but also an encouragement to take the financial and personal risks necessary to achieve my goals.”
Sofia Berrada (2015)
“The scholarship brought me confidence and increased my eagerness to truly learn as much as possible from the MBA program. I have truly gained a broader perspective by being immersed in such a diverse student body at Harvard Business School.”
Ashley Lewis (2014)
“For an international student studying in France, there are a limited number of funding opportunities available – few scholarships are open to American MBA students aside from those offered by the school itself. I am happy to call Paris home and couldn’t think of a more perfect backdrop for such a dynamic and enriching experience.”
Ezekiel Turner (2019)
“Receiving the Serge Bellanger was an enormous honor for me. Personally and professionally it will allow me to tap into a great group of friends, mentors and colleagues -- both here in France and also back at home in the States. In my interview, I realized that Serge Bellanger recipients are there to help each other and have a special level of insight, honed through their lives on both sides of the Atlantic.”

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