Rethinking the Way We Live Together – Coliving with Cohabs

Member news | August 06, 2020

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In this article, here from FACC-NY Member Dan Clark, Managing Director for Cohabs in the United States, one of Europe's finest Coliving Operators. Dan will lend insight on the company's arrival to the New York market and how they are aiming to reinvent the way we live...

Over the last four years, we have worked diligently to create one of the most comprehensive coliving offerings around. We’ve opened 16 houses with 240 total bedrooms in our hometown of Brussels, Belgium. We have another 200 bedrooms under renovation that will open throughout the upcoming year.

Since the inception of our first home, we’ve embarked on a journey full of learning. On this journey, we’ve discovered countless ways to rethink the way people are living together.

At Cohabs, we take our time to carefully select each of our homes with an intense focus on design, sustainability, and location. Our approach is highly curated and our member’s experience is at the core of everything that we do.

Every member of a Cohabs house can expect a seamless move-in experience- guided by our mobile app with keyless smart lock technology, bedrooms with custom-built furniture - optimized for comfort and efficiency, fully furnished kitchens, dining/living rooms, work areas and gyms, a vibrant community offering -providing super fun monthly events, common groceries, and monthly brunches, a sleek property management portal that allows for speedy and reliable maintenance and detailed cleaning - twice a week of all common spaces with COVID certified cleaning solutions.

All of these amenities, including the cost of utilities and Wi-Fi, are included in one simple monthly rent payment.

We always say that with each house comes a new chapter of our story. This time we wanted our story to take a trip abroad.

We are ‘over the moon’ excited to announce that our first home in New York is going to open this October in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

As we launch NYC, our first American market, rest assured that you can expect the same level of quality that has defined us over the years.  Our passion, to exceed the expectations of our members and community, will continue on.

Now all you have to do is choose between Brussels or New York, but don't worry, you can’t go wrong with either. We’ll be here to welcome you with open arms!

Link to our houses in New York and check our brand video:

Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast with Cohabs with Lionel Jadot, their Chief Designer at the end of August 2020. 

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