Meet The Member: Nancy Prentice, Strategic Content Provider, The Next Write

Member news, Women in Business | March 19, 2020

In this Meet The Member feature, meet Nancy Prentice, founder, and strategic content provider with The Next Write. Nancy recently joined the FACC because of her strong French language skills and affinity for all things French – especially Paris (where she has lived and worked), and her passion for moving a business forward.

A word from Nancy...

I realize the majority of FACC-NY members are feeling stuck and uncertain during this trying time.  I encourage anyone who is interested to reach out for a virtual café and conversation, as we now have some time to discuss goals or details of their business that might have gone overlooked. How can I help to infuse new energy or to bolster your business:

  • Does your company have an Instagram or Facebook business page?  Is it up-to-date?
  • Would you like to start a blog?
  • Is there news you’d like to highlight in a press release?
  • How are you staying connected to your most valuable clients or reaching for new ones?

Read more about Nancy's deep bench of experiential tools and insight that infuses her strategic writing for others, drawing from decades of success in Marketing, Sales, and Advertising.

FACC: As someone with robust experience in Marketing, Sales, and Advertising, how does your business experience influence you daily in writing?

NP: I have a sharp lens and a trained ear that allow me to hone in on competitive advantages and challenges.  I can find the story and perspective and see what others might not – even those who are closest to the business.  As a writer and experienced professional, I meet my clients at the intersection of creativity and strategy.   

FACC: Is there a piece in your writing portfolio that you consider a favorite?

NP: I’m proud of the diversification of a portfolio that includes long-form men’s fashion articles, press releases for financial, web site content, persuasive sales writing, advertising promotional copy, and blog posts for hearing health.  I am multifaceted and can take a deep dive into any industry. 

FACC: How do you talk about a dry or technical subject without relying on buzzwords?

NP: Buzzwords can be a real turn-off, especially when addressing those with expertise.  Although it is important to illustrate a certain aptitude within the scope of one’s industry.  Direct communication that highlights benefits (not just features) is usually a win-win.  It is important to write to the audience.  

FACC: What are some ways you optimize your content to be SEO-friendly?

NP: Using the right vehicle (email or web or social) and hashtags are important and of course, there are keywords that need to be embedded in the content. 

FACC: What is your process for proofreading a piece of work?

NP: I take considerable time to ensure spelling and grammar are correct, and I also read for syntax (structure) to ensure the tone is in line with the offerings.  I’ve been known to elevate a voice for sophistication or to simplify a piece that might seem overcomplicated.  I try hard to let the voice of the author shine through, with a level up if needed. 

FACC: How do you think your FACC membership and activity will influence your career in content creation?

NP: While a new member, I’ve enjoyed a few networking events that have facilitated connection.  The “Future of Hospitality in Retail” event was of particular interest and a platform that allowed me to initiate conversations and potential opportunities.  My hope is to meet more members in 2020, and to support clients on a per-project basis, join their team as an ongoing contributor – or to be hired outright as part of a communications team. 

Interested in connecting with Nancy? Log into the FACC Member Directory to send her a message.