Meet the Member: Emilie Treuillard, Director of Global Philanthropy

Member news | September 16, 2020

In an ever-changing world, FACC Member, Emilie Treuillard, plays a defining role at the forefront of non-profit fundraising as Director of Global Philanthropy at Faircom New York.

Emilie has over 15 years of experience in branding, marketing and fundraising, having worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Prior to joining Faircom New York, Emilie worked in Paris, London and Sydney, where she oversaw the design and implementation of many integrated communication and fundraising campaigns on local and international markets.

Take a look into the full interview to learn more about Emilie's professional journey, her current position and her experience with the French American Chamber of Commerce.

FACC: What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed due to Faircom New York’s work?  Have the events of 2020 impacted your sector in the ‘new normal’?

Faircom New York has more than 25 years of experience working with nonprofits to develop compelling communications and grow fruitful fundraising programs, both in the United States and around the world.

We combine a commitment to mission-driven nonprofit work with expertise in the fundraising and communications sector — ultimately building visibility and support for our partners. We do this because we are dedicated to building support in the charitable sector. We’ve partnered with nonprofit organizations from around the world, ranging from start-ups to household names, with databases ranging in size from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand, and with missions in every sector.

The past few months have been challenging for nonprofits, as they have for other industries and of course individuals. COVID-19 has forced organizations to quickly adapt their fundraising strategies and, in some cases, their programs to cope with the crisis. In response to this unprecedented situation, we also had to adapt quickly as an agency — shifting strategies and the support we offered so that we could help our clients implement new development plans, evolve their approach, and modify goals to continue moving their organizations forward. 

It’s been particularly challenging for major gifts fundraising strategies, which is where I spend a lot of my time, because these often rely on events and in-person meetings. We’ve pivoted strategies from traditional events (galas, cocktails, conferences and so on) to virtual events, as well as seeking out opportunities to utilize the digital toolbox to forge new connections with donors, such as virtual field visits. At the same time, we continue to brainstorm new ways to help nonprofits navigate uncharted waters to uncover successful funding strategies that work in today's "new normal".

FACC: Prior to joining Faircom New York, you worked in Paris, London and Sydney, and oversaw the design and implementation of many integrated communication and fundraising campaigns on local and international markets.  Did you ever think that one day you would end up as the Director Global Philanthropy in NYC? 

I always wanted to work abroad, especially in New York, but I didn’t necessarily plan to work in fundraising. Fundraising has become more of a specialized industry, but I have found that fundraising, as a career, often finds people, more than the other way around. It speaks to people who want to have an impact by connecting donors to their passions and forging partnerships with the charitable organizations that make our communities and our world a better place.

I actually studied communications and brand strategy with the hopes of starting a career in advertising. This path led me to London and Australia, where I decided to change sectors and work with nonprofits. It was amazing to find an opportunity to use a lot of the same skills I had developed through my studies and earlier stages of my career to give back to the world around me. I am also thrilled that it led me to this incredible city — getting a job in New York is one of the greatest opportunities I’ve been lucky to have in my career.

I am also lucky to be able to work with an amazing team of talented and passionate people, all motivated by the idea of giving back and strengthening nonprofit missions. Most of them have been there for years because it’s such a great agency. We call it the Faircom family!

FACC: What values and principles have led to Faircom’s success?

We are passionate about the missions of the clients we serve. We value kindness, empathy, respect and honesty. Philanthropy literally means love of humanity, and that spirit and commitment is what animates our entire team.

FACC: Do you have any words of advice to our members who are looking to help others during these unique times? 

There are so many ways to help others during this troubling period of time. As an individual, people can choose to volunteer, donate or participate in virtual fundraising events, for example. As a company, there are also many options such as corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations and matching gifts, which help to facilitate employee giving to worthy causes by offering a dollar-for-dollar match of gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations. Companies can also run workplace giving campaigns or challenges, as well as offer paid time off for employees to volunteer their time.

It can be challenging sometimes if you don’t know where to start. There are well over one million registered nonprofits in the United States, so I am not surprised to hear people say they are overwhelmed! If members are interested to learn more about the nonprofits we partner with, or how to introduce thoughtful giving opportunities through their companies, I would say please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always eager to talk more about the impact we can have in our communities — both here in New York and elsewhere.

FACC: What inspired your philanthropic journey? 

I reached a point in my career when I felt the need to know that the work I was doing somehow would help someone else, like I was contributing to something bigger than myself alone. Working with nonprofits gives such incredible meaning to what I do, and it truly gives me a sense of purpose. I’ve been inspired by many people around me, especially my clients who dedicate their time to helping others. It is a privilege to work with them and to know that I can help them secure the funds and visibility they need to be more effective in their programs.

FACC: What led you to join the FACC-NY network? 

The FACC-NY network is an active and supportive community where we can connect with many talented people, all while learning about other sectors and companies. I find this very inspiring, and I thrive on the energy, ideas and enthusiasm of the other members.

I think that the level of connection and camaraderie that the network brings is more important now than ever. Especially in New York, where we were at the epicenter of this health crisis, there has been a great deal of anxiety and isolation. But the spirit of New York is strong, and I think that members of FACC-NY have that spirit as well. Now is a great time to connect with one another, to share experience and best practices, and be more collaborative — because we’re all in this together.

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