Meet the Member: Emilie Crouzet, Real Estate Agent

Member news | November 23, 2021

For this week's Meet the Member feature, we sat down with Emilie Crouzet, Licensed Real Estate Agent at The Corcoran Group.

Emilie moved to New York in 2018 and currently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She has lived in several different countries and understands that moving can be stressful and challenging, but that starting somewhere new can lead to the next great chapter in your life.

She advises her clients on how they can find the perfect home to buy or rent to match their lifestyle and interests in New York. As a local real estate professional with great knowledge of the market, she helps sellers get the most value for their homes.

Keep reading to learn more about Emilie's business philosophy, what markets are hot right now, and more...

What do you like most about being a Real Estate Agent? What makes this profession rewarding for you?

First and foremost, I like being an advisor and helping my clients make the best decisions when it comes to their real estate needs. There is a strong relational and human side to this profession that is very rewarding.

I’m also passionate about architecture and interior design, and I love imagining how to elevate a grand 1910s brownstone with carefully chosen furniture.

Every day is different and the real estate market is so dynamic that you need to monitor very closely everything that’s happening in order to stay on top of the trends. I’m very active, and I'm always eager to learn, so this lifestyle fits me well.

What are four words that characterize your overall business philosophy? Please elaborate.

Customer service: It’s at the center of my philosophy. Providing excellent service is the fundamental goal.

Integrity: It guides how I operate my business and how I interact with my customers.

Expertise: I give great importance to being a knowledgeable source for my customers depending on whether their project is buying, renting or selling.

Trust: There needs to be mutual trust between all the parties involved, and I make sure to gain that trust and inspire it with my actions.

In New York, what real estate markets are “hot” versus “cold” right now?

The New York real estate market is hot across the board! In terms of sales, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the best years for New York City real estate. Demand skyrocketed over Q3 of 2021, making it Manhattan’s best summer since 2007 and the first time Brooklyn's average price has exceeded $1M. With interest rates still low, there is still time to take advantage of this exceptional market.

For the rental market, demand is very high and inventory is low, so there is a lot of competition for most apartments, in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

That being said, there are some specificities regarding the types of homes that are more in demand in each neighborhood. Where you invest should always be aligned with your short- and long-term goals. Feel free to reach out to me to have a more in-depth conversation about your objectives and real estate plans.

What encouraged you to join the FACC and what do you hope to gain from your membership in 2022?

By joining the FACC, I am joining a vast, collaborative French-American community of professionals who inspire and help each other. In 2022, I hope to keep connecting with members and to help them any way I can.

Is there anything else you would like to share with FACC-NY Members?

Having lived in several different cities and countries, I understand that moving is stressful and challenging, but starting somewhere new can lead to the next great chapter in your life. My job is to advise my clients on how they can find the perfect home to buy or rent to match their lifestyle and interests in New York.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any questions relating to your real estate project, or to receive the “NYC Real Estate Guide for French Citizens” I created with some tips to position yourself as the best applicant in today’s market.