Meet the FACC Ambassador: Leo Krymkier, Attorney at Krymkier Law

Member news | January 06, 2020

In our latest Meet the FACC Ambassador feature, we were delighted to speak with Leo Krymkier, Attorney at Krymkier Law.

Krymkier Law is a French American boutique business law firm based in New York City with years of experience assisting European companies scale their business in the United States. The bi-lingual firm brings varied backgrounds and experiences from France and the United States and provides companies with a full range of legal services for their establishment and growth in the United States. 

Keep reading to learn more about Krymkier Law and Leo's legal expertise that could help your business thrive in the U.S.



FACC: What is one of the biggest challenges you faced in 2019 as leader? How will facing this challenge help your organizations grow in 2020?

LK: One of my biggest challenges in 2019 was to continue my firm's expansion without losing sight of its core values of efficiency, availability and quality of service. Understanding and keeping my values and my firm's values front and center is key to successful growth in 2020.

FACC: For companies seeking legal services, what distinguishing benefits can they expect from Krymkier Law that they would not find at other French American law firms?

LK: My main expertise is providing legal advice to European companies developing their activities in the American market. My personal touch is linked to my past as General Manager of a subsidiary of a French group in the United States (Vranken-Pommery Monopole). In this capacity, I was confronted with most of the questions that French entrepreneurs and management teams encounter when they arrive in the United States. Even though my main competence is in law, I have an understanding of business issues and a multidisciplinary approach. Among other subjects, I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the U.S. development strategy.

My areas of expertise include corporate law, business law and commercial contracts, issues related to the start-up and development of technology companies, international trade law and intellectual property law.

FACC: Has being both an Ambassador and Member of the FACC-NY helped you build relationships in the French American community of New York?

LK: The FACC-NY is the premier platform for French businesses looking to position and expand in the United States. Serving as an FACC-NY Ambassador has giving me the opportunity to help carry out the FACC's mission to help businesses succeed in their American expansion. It has also given me the incredible opportunity to get to know and work closely with the talented FACC staff and help make the Chamber's efforts more visible in the community.

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