New Mini Web Series on Franco-American Communications

Member news | January 07, 2021

As international professionals, it’s no surprise that lapses in cross-cultural communications can be a major barrier to international success. In one of the more infamous examples from the ‘90s, a failure by international teams to merge English and metric measurements cost NASA millions when the Mars Climate Orbiter was lost in space.    

To elaborate on the challenges of working cross-culturally and provide tips for more successful professional collaborations, we invited Sabine Landlolt and Agathe Laurent to contribute to a new web series. In each episode, the authors explore topics from their book, ranging from the complexities of implicit communication to the severe risk of mutual misjudgment. The book treats different work-world themes in sections, seasoned with real-life quotes from professionals on the ground.    

→ Watch Episode 1 of the web series: Positive Spirit vs. Critical Mindset.  

→ Watch  Episode 2 - Socializing & Relationship Building at Work

Written by Sabine Landolt and Agathe Laurent, the book Can We Agree to Disagree? is a compelling collection of anecdotes about French and American professionals on their experiences working together. Its goal is to spark curiosity, encourage professionals to adopt the best methods from both cultures, and to better work together.

Both Agathe, as a Market Research entrepreneur, and Sabine, as a Digital Communication specialist, share a passion for intercultural topics. After a rich career in Europe and working internationally, they both have established their lives in New York with their respective families to continue the adventure of working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

The FACC-NY will be releasing 2 more videos as part of this video talk series in the coming months. Stay tuned! In the mean time, get 10% off of your copy:

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