Thank you for considering the FrAm U Executive Education program brought to you by the French-American Chamber of Commerce New York Chapter. This page resumes some of the most common FAQs from potential students, currently enrolled certficiate candidates and employers. For any questions not addressed here, please be sure to ask your advisor during your pre-enrollment meeting, or contact us.


Prospective Applicants: 

  • What language are classes offered in?
    • Most courses, and FACC-NY curated Expert Sessions, will be held in English. Please refer to the specific course description to confirm. 
  • When do classes start? 
    • Classes are asynchronous, not all classes begin on the same date. In addition, many courses allow students the flexibility to complete at their own pace, within the limits set for the course. For example- if university X proposes a four-week class beginning on September 6th, students would have until Monday October 4th to complete their work. Some fixed lecture times and dates may be required, otherwise students would be able to advance according to their schedules. Please see the specific course description for details, or speak to your FrAm U advisor.
  • How much does the certificate program cost? 
    • All students are required to pay the $200 program fee directly to the FACC-NY. Total program cost will depend on the combination of courses you select, the university(ies) you attend and the length of your program, within the 2 year completion window. Extending your program across multiple semesters may result in additional semester fees assesed by the university at their discretion. The full cost of the program does not need to be paid at once. Courses are paid upon enrollment and count towards the completion of certificate requirements. Here are two example scenarios of program costs for the completion of a FrAM U Certificate (reflecting Fall '21 course catalogue and pricing): 
    •   Example A    
      University Course Name Duration  Cost
      FrAM U Program Fee  - $200
      HEC  Certificate in Finance 18 weeks $3,580
      NYU Stern Advanced Valuation  15 weeks $1,936
        Total  33 weeks $5,716
  •   Example B    
    University Course Name Duration  Cost
    FrAM U Program Fee  - $200
    NYU Stern Corporate Finance 15 weeks $1,936
    INSEAD Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers 5 weeks $1,820
    Columbia Global Strategy  10 weeks $2,650
      Total 30 weeks $6,606
  • Do I need to purchase books? 
    • Supporting course materials are at the discretion of the university and professor. Some courses may require you purchase a print or digital edition of a specific text book. Other courses may rely upon a combination of articles, video content, lectures, presentations and case studies. Please budget for the possibility of text books. 
  • What if I only want to pursue 1 class, or am unsure if I will be able to complete the required 30 weeks of courses for the FrAM U certificate, can I still enroll?
    • ​Yes! You are welcome to participate if you only intend to complete 1 of the eligible courses. Regardless of the number or total duration of the courses you enroll in and/or complete, the one-time program fee of $200 will still be assessed. This fee directly supports the organization of the complementary business discussions organized by the FACC-NY, outside of classroom activity. If you are not sure if you will complete more than 1 course, you should still declare your candidacy at the start of the program. This will allow us to asses your goals and provide relevant opportunities during the duration of your participation, however long it may be. 
  • I am currently enrolled or plan to pursue a certificate program offered independently by of the FrAM U partner institutions (HEC, INSEAD, NYU, Columbia). Do I qualify for the FrAM U certificate? 
    • ​It depends. If 30 weeks of your university-specific coursework are also part of the FrAM U catalogue, you submit the program fee, and you complete the required 10 hours of curated expert sessions, you would be eligible for the FrAM U certificate. Coursework outside the official FrAM U catalogue cannot be applied towards FrAM U program requirements. 
  • What types of speakers can I expect in the expert sessions, what will the topics be? 
    • The strength of the French-American Chamber of Commerce is our diverse network of transatlantic professionals. Guest speakers could represent an entrepreneurial perspective, a large multi-national, an American business growing its exports in Europe, or a French executive on an expat contract in the Big Apple. Past speakers have represented Microsoft, the Center for Internet Security, BNP Paribas, Adecco, Didi, Lyft, Danone, CDP, the United Nations and beyond. Visit the FACC-NY's YouTube channel for examples of past guest speakers. Topics will correspond to the current course catalogue. For the Fall '21 semester, all speakers will be professioals within the banking and finance sector. 
  • What format will the expert sessions take? 
    • ​All sessions will be 100% digital, with precise dates, times and access details communicated beforehand. The specific format will be determined jointly by the FACC-NY and the speaker, depending on the goals of the session and the content. Sessions may be organized in a classic webinar format, a roundtable discussion, employ breakout rooms, or other interactive elements. Due to the intimate nature of the program, students will have the unique opportunity to actively participate, engage in discussion, and pose questions directly to our guest speakers. Your voice won't be drowned out in an auditorium or mass lecture hall, these small groups aim to foster mutual undestanding and valuable business relationships. 
  • Will I be assigned a mentor as part of the certificate program? Can I request a specific mentor profile?
    • Mentoring opportunities will be part of the program, however this is not a mentoring program. Within the context of FrAm U, we are unable to provide tailored matching or long-term support to support a mentor/mentee relationship. Mentoring opportunities will be punctual and may include a stand-alone session, interview or resume critique and direct feedback on your professional project.  
  • Do tuition and program fees apply to FACC-NY members?
    • Yes, the FrAm U certificate program is a new offering, not included with annual member dues. 
  • Do I get a discount if I register for multiple classes at once?
    • No, all prices are reflected in the course catalogue and are not affected by the number of classes pursued simultaneously. 
  • Will I receive a printed certificate upon completion of the program?
    • Keeping in line with the digital-first nature of this program, certificates will be issued in digital format only. Please allow 1-3 months for the FrAm U team to confirm the successful completion of all course requirements. We encourage you to share your certification on Linkedin to highlight your accomplishment!

Current Certificate Candidates: 

  • If I drop my class, will the program fee or tuition be refunded? 
    • ​Outside of exceptional circumstances, FACC-NY Program fees are non-refundable. Tuition refunds are per university policy and subject to restrictions of dates. 
  • The course syllabus provided by FrAM U does not match the syllabus communicated by the university.
    • The FACC-NY makes every effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date descriptions of the courses prior to the start of the semester. Due to changes in university programming or differences between instructors, the final syllabus and course content is subject to slight modification. 
  • What if I am unavailable to attend one of the small-group business discussions? 
    • As busy professionals, we understand that conflicts arise! Each upcoming discussion date will be communicated no less than 2 weeks before the scheduled date and time. Mindful of the international nature of the FrAm U student body, every effort will be made to propose a time that is convenient across multiple time zones. Group session timing will vary based on the availability of our featured guest speakers. Sessions will last 1-1.5 hours. Students who wish to participate in the session will be asked to RSVP so that we can ensure accurate attendance. Please be mindful of our speakers' time and the opportunity to engage with them, if you confirmed your attendance and are unable to attend, please notify us one business day in advance. Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled at the discretion of the FACC-NY. Students are required to complete a total of 10 hours of FACC-curated sessions over the course of their certificate enrollment. 


  • Is the FrAm U Certificate accredited? 
    • All academic material is underwritten directly by our partner institutions, New York University (NYU) and Columbia in the U.S. and HEC and INSEAD in France. However, the FrAM U certificate is issued by the French-American Chamber of Commerce NY, not directly by the partner universities. The FACC-NY is a 501(c)6 B2B organization, not formally accredited as an institute of higher education. The program proposed by the FACC-NY blends the best of business and academia for a truly unique learning experience. For this reason, we have chosen to work with partners with exceptional academic reputations. Each has earned numerous distinctions, among them, ranking on the U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities List. In addition, both INSEAD and HEC are part of the prestigious grandes écoles: elite education institutes with highly competitive admission requirements, a large proportion of whose graduates populate the upper levels of the private and public sectors of French society. Though certificate programs are separate from the traditional grande école program (much like a school of professional studies or SPS in the U.S.), all programs maintain a very high caliber of both content and teaching faculty. Please note, NYU Stern open enrollment courses are not eligible for credit toward a degree.
  • My employee would like to pursue this certificate as part of our company's continuing education benefits program. Can the FACC-NY provide an invoice for our accounting department to complete payment?
    • It depends on the course the employee wishes to enroll in. If payment is processed by the FACC-NY, yes an invoice would be possible. If payment is submitted directly to the university, an invoice must be requested from the university, however the FACC can issue an invoice for the $200 program fee. All program fees must be received prior to the first day of class without exception. If tuition has not been paid, the student will not be enrolled and admitted to the first virtual class. 


  • I love the FrAM U concept, are you currently accepting guest speakers? 
    • ​We are always eager to connect with accomplished proffessionals and foster learning opportunities for the French-American community. While we may not have a speaking opportunity right away, please reach out to our team to tell us more about your experience, current role & responsibilities, what you would propose to share with FrAm U students, and availabilities to speak. If your profile is aligned with the goals of our students, we would be happy to invite you to participate. Please note that FACC-NY members will be prioritized for speaking opportunities.