We are inviting 2020-21 WIB Mentorship Program participants for a virtual event filled with live coaching, breakout rooms, insights, and more on January 27!


It's National Mentoring Month and we are pleased to be welcoming Ghita Filali, Global Success Coach and Consultant, on Wed, January 27 at 1 P.M EST for a virtual coaching event filled with breakout rooms, insights, and more, brought to you by the FACC NY Women in Business Committee. 

Ghita Filali empowers individuals, teams and international organizations in expanding, rather than contracting, in the face of complex change.



  • The importance of setting up goals and time management  
  • Holding yourself accountable to achieve your goals, the differences between intentions and goals and how to materialize your intentions.  
  • Clarifying the meaning behind each goal that is appropriate for you  
  • Tracking goals and performance - Measurements and concrete steps    
  • How to fit networking, professional relationships, and resources into your goals.    


The event will include a breakout session and a live coaching session.


 This session spearheaded by the FACC Women in Business Committee is for participants of the 2020-21 WIB Mentorship Program.

If you are interested in learning more about applications for the 2020 Cohort, please contact myohannes@faccnyc.org.


January 27th, 2021 1:00 PM   through   2:30 PM
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Event Zoom Notes
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