Step With Impact, No Pun Intended

Community News | April 02, 2020

From sustainable fashion to philanthropy, our partners at PROTA FIORI are launching their sustainable women’s footwear brand and have decided to help fight COVID-19 synchronously this April. 

At this time you can help PROTA FIORI #StepWithImpact as they are currently giving 10% of any online April pre-order revenue to support a special COVID-19 response at The Hospital of Northern Marches, Italy and/or New York's Langone Hospital Fund. In addition, PROTA FIORI will be planting a "seed of hope" by planting trees for their first 100 customers in their certified B Corp Garden in Italy. 

Redefining Sustainability in Fashion

Jennifer Stucko, Founder & CEO of PROTA FIORI, invites you to join her simple and heartfelt mission – to protect our earth while not compromising the desire to be chic. Jennifer worked for over a decade in the fashion industry and couldn’t ignore the negative impact the industry makes on the environment. She realized her work and values were not aligned, and was determined to find a way to marry both the passion for beautiful luxury footwear and preserving the planet.

In 2018, Jennifer's vision of PROTA (to protect) FIORI (flowers) blossomed. With Mother Earth on her side, she and her team found a creative way to make a shoe out of sustainable materials without sacrificing any spirit for fashionable and luxurious style. With her Italian roots at its core, PROTA FIORI is 100% sourced and made in Italy. Their handcrafted products celebrate the use of unique, non-toxic, and upcycled materials such as apple and grape skins. 

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