Senior Account Manager

Job Postings | January 28, 2019


Food & Drinks Communications Agency


Implement the sales strategy defined by the upper management.

Build the communication/marketing strategy and customers actions plans on a 360 basis.

Participate to the customers portfolio development and retention.

Respect the net profitability indicators fixed at 3% per project (after headquarters fees).



  • Identify sales opportunities and turn them into potential prospects for the agency portfolio.
  • Contribute to the business development by spontaneous approach, AO answers or as part of a competition.
  • Manage your business activities flow and insure a net optimal profitability level.
  • Galvanize, optimize and perpetuate your customers portfolio and follow the indicators.
  • Monitor and implement market studies in order to keep up with the trends and establish customers communication strategies.
  • Design and write the recommendations based on the internal and external skills.
  • Sell the marketing/communication strategies to the clients and prospects.
  • Participate to the creation and the negotiation of the customers contracts.



  • Implement marketing/communication strategies sold to the clients.
  • Coordinate the external service providers. Maximize the production and net margins.
  • Improve your technical and digital skills and knowledge about the job.
  • Use the management and group reports tools on a regular and efficient basis.


    Budget management

  • Build and monitor the clients budgets by optimizing the costs and the net profitability margins.
  • Follow-up with the budget as well as the clients and internal reports.
  • Follow-up with the campaign gross and net margins on a regular basis.

Numerical data

Number of budgets managed:

  • Over 3 per year + 3-6 recommendations and offers/contributions to the AO.

    Average budget managed:

  • From 1 000000 €

From 200 k€ of gross margin

Required skills

Technical skills

  • Strategy and marketing skills in order to accompany the clients in their strategy design.
  • Mastery of communication processes among the different channels.
  • Knowledge of the clients market and their problematic.
  • Project management mastery.
  • Negotiation skills (with suppliers and clients).
  • Sales know-how.
  • Budgets optimization.
  • Attentive listening to the job evolutions in the communication field.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Ability to develop a network and maintain external contacts follow-up.
  • Knowledge of the agri-food industry.

    Personal skills

  • Good interpersonal skills in order to intervene during the meetings and the presentations to the clients.
  • Good oral and written skills
  • Good interpersonal skills in order to manage the relationships with different representatives.
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Good resistance to pressure
  • Conviction strength
  • Time management
  • Work strength
  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Anticipation, planning and organization
  • Step back capability
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Spirit of initiative
  • Availability and patience
  • Analytical and deductive skills

*This position is not available to J-1 visa seekers*

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