PRS in VIVO Introduces Shopper Flash

Member news | October 06, 2020

Immersive Digital Tools to Refine & Implement In-Store Strategies

FACC-NY Member, PRS IN VIVO is a global shopper and product experience consultancy, expert in the application of behavioral science that helps companies to predict and influence consumer choice and drive brand growth.

They conduct consumer research across nearly 50 countries, utilizing best-in-class technology to draw on our 45 years of experience,  product expertise and behavioral framework, to help clients improve their brand and product marketing, and achieve better business outcomes.




PRS IN VIVO just announced the introduction of Shopper Flash to help marketers to rapidly plan and develop in-store strategies and tactics. Shopper Flash combines a proven behavioral framework, decades of consumer experience, and fully immersive best-in-class technology to simulate the in-store shopper experience.  The resulting consumer insights help shopper marketers validate and refine planograms, merchandising, and point-of-sale displays, in order to drive better business outcomes.

Shopper Flash allows brands to replicate online the brick-and-mortar consumer experience in any category of retail (including food, drug, mass, convenience, specialty, dollar, club, etc.) and provide insight to adjacent retail categories or environments. The tool leverages PRS IN VIVO’s extensive database of shelf designs to build virtual shelves easily and rapidly. A flexible modular approach provides customizable routes to answer brand’s specific business questions. Carefully designed deep dive modules provide further exploration and understanding of specific shopper behaviors and choices. Clear, focused reporting and tangible next steps help brands to refine and execute in-store strategies faster.

Alex Hunt, CEO of PRS IN VIVO, stated, “Responses to the changing shopping landscape need to be agile, adaptive, and iterative. We are excited to announce the addition of Shopper Flash, a new tool that supports our omnichannel suite of shopper marketing consultancy services. These advisory services allow brands to apply our expertise and knowledge gained over forty years to influence consumers at the key moment of choice, whether it’s on-shelf, at a POS display, or through merchandising.”

He continues, “Innovation is never ‘one and done’. In our on-going focus to provide guidance that helps our clients achieve business growth, we have embraced  a research innovation strategy that evolves constantly to leverage category expertise, a behavioral framework, and a ‘digital first’ mindset. I am excited to say that we will continue to announce the application of new technologies and tools that enable PRS IN VIVO to serve our clients most effectively by consistently stay at the forefront of the innovative insights landscape.”

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