Meet the Member: Nicolas Huygevelde, Managing Partner North America, IAC Partners

Member news | January 25, 2021

In our latest #MeetTheMember feature, we interviewed Nicolas Huygevelde, Managing Partner North America at IAC Partners.

Nicolas has 15+ years of experiences in consulting, leading successfully global projects for diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and healthcare. His experiences have ranged from strategic studies, market assessments to product development and cost optimization. 

Keep reading to hear Nicolas' perspectives on innovation, the current business ecosystem in NYC and much more...

FACC-NY: Which recent change of the legislation has impacted the markets you focus on noticeably? 

Recent announcements regarding plans, funding programs, tax incentives, etc. in favor of reduced carbon emissions (such as green hydrogen programs or CCUS) have impacted the strategic direction for many of our clients. What initially started in Europe, has now emerged aggressively in North America. This is on the top of the agenda for all of our industrial clients, from hydrogen use as a fuel in mobility space to clear definitions of carbon reduction goals. It has become more and more important to understand what solutions exist on the market to achieve carbon neutrality and how that can fit into your corporate strategy.

FACC-NY: What does innovation mean to you and how can firms be better at it?

At IAC Partners, we work with our clients to ensure they embed innovation in their product design. This starts with understanding their customers’ true pain points and unmet needs. Beyond technical feasibility, firms must understand that innovation is only ground-breaking when it’s desirable, meeting a requirement that the customer didn’t realize they always wanted, and viable on the commercialization side.

FACC-NY: What would you single out as the key differentiators of your firm?

With roots in engineering, IAC Partners is an industry-focused and technology-driven firm supporting our clients for more than 30 years. Our vast experience across multiple industries has enabled us to tackle client challenges from strategic direction to cost optimized product development.

FACC-NY: Since becoming Managing Partner North America at IAC Partners, what’s surprised you most about running a firm?

Much more fun than expected! You learn by doing and develop skills in so many areas. Discipline is a common pattern though, to sustain and grow.

FACC-NY: How would you describe the current business ecosystem in NYC and are you optimistic for the future of the city as a place to grow new business?

NYC (and other big cities) will soon thrive again once COVID-19 is past us. The people are to thank for that as they are what make the city exciting and foster the growth. Let’s do everything we can to bring them back!

FACC-NY: You have 15+ years working in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and healthcare. Can you share with us which industry inspires you the most and why?

As mentioned before, the energy industry is seeing a huge shift from the utility companies to equipment manufacturers as they will be the key brick in a carbon neutral future. It is exciting to work with these companies during such a transitional time period.

FACC-NY: As a member, what do you hope to share with the community?

A collaborative mind-set & sharing is part of our core values at IAC Partners. We are happy to share our ideas, expertise, and networks to help the members win in their space

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