Meet the Member: Pascale Longuet, Attorney (NY Bar, Paris Barreau)

Member news | December 04, 2020

In this week's Meet the Member feature, we spoke with Pascale Longuet, Attorney (NY Bar, Paris Barreau) American Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Business and International Law with the Law Office of Pascale Longuet.

The representation of French and European clients in their activities in the United States, and of American clients in issues they may face in France is a logical consequence of Pascale's dual legal training in France and the United States.

Pascale created her firm in New York in 1996 following professional experiences in France and in the United States, where she arrived in 1989. The firm's activities are organized around two axes: the assistance of French or French-speaking companies (for example, Canadian) in the United States, and the representation of individuals.

Keep reading to learn about Pascale's journey and for her legal insight...

FACC-NY: Tell us about yourself, your journey to becoming an Attorney in your field of law?

Becoming an attorney in my current field of law has indeed been a journey.  My professional career began in Paris where I was born, graduated from law school and was admitted to the Paris Bar. I then completed a Master’s of Law (LLM) degree at New York University.  Following my admission to the New York Bar, I have enjoyed many years of practice in American law firms and as a sole practitioner. 

Presently, I am a bilingual and bicultural attorney based in Manhattan and admitted to practice in both France and New York.  My experience and the core of my work is the field of international business law.  I typically assist French or French-speaking companies in many facets of their US operations and transactions, including corporate organizations and reorganizations, acquisitions and divestitures, negotiating and drafting commercial and other agreements, trademark filings, as well as staffing and personnel matters. 

For the past several years, I also have represented French and American individuals in a variety of matters. Examples range from coordination with French litigation counsel, settling a French decedent’s estate, settling the French part of a US estate, and assistance in the liquidation and repatriation of assets located in the US and France. 

Whether with corporate or individual clients, I very much enjoy working at the interface of different legal systems and cultures.

FACC-NY: What is one of the biggest challenges you faced in 2020 in your role? How will facing this challenge help you grow in your profession in 2021?

In addition to the loss and pain that the world has suffered since March, the corona virus brutally interrupted the flow of business between Europe and the US and has created a climate of anxiety and uncertainty.  It is therefore of paramount importance to maintain communications and exchanges.  Organizations and networks such as the chambers of commerce and professional associations have crucially supported that restorative effort. I was recently appointed as a Vice Chair of the Europe Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association, and as a Director of the American Foreign Law Association. This is a time for learning, reinventing and collaborating. The current standstill environment also creates the opportunity for businesses to review their competitive advantages and goals, corporate structures and projects in the US, and for all to receive legal advice in a more relaxed time-frame. 

I am confident that, with creative agility and adaptations, the future will bring a lively and refreshing renewal in the rendering of legal services, much like the best aspects of our adjustments to the pandemic. 

FACC-NY: For companies seeking legal services, what distinguishing benefits can they expect from Longuet Law that they would not find at other similar firms?

Clients appreciate my responsiveness and approachability.  Although I am a sole practitioner, I have an extensive network of colleagues in France and in the US who are highly experienced in a broad variety of specialties.  I can provide appropriate solutions to clients’ legal issues, from the basic to the complex. 

FACC-NY: What advice do you have someone who is interested in working in American Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Business or International Law or to someone who is early in their career?  

I regularly take on interns and I enjoy mentoring them - I enjoy learning from them as well!  I believe lawyers should be passionate about their work and continuously refresh their knowledge of current developments in the law.  A strong sense of ethics and professionalism should be developed early in one’s career and adhered to, no matter what the challenges are.

FACC-NY: Has being member of the FACC-NY helped you build relationships in the French-American community of New York?  

I have been a member of the FACC-NY for more than two decades.  The FACC has enabled me to meet and work with many members of the French-American community in New York and beyond.  I am especially impressed by the virtual offerings and networking that the FACC has been able to present during the COVID crisis.  I thank you for giving me this chance to re-introduce myself!

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