Meet the Member: Morad Attar, Partner at Group HN

Member news | May 22, 2019

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Morad Attar, Partner at Group HN and winner of our recent directory challenge. Morad created his FACC Member login, giving him access to a searchable member database of over 1000 members of the New York chapter, and his name was drawn to receive a complimentary invitation to an upcoming event. 

Group HN, founded in 1983, is an innovative technology company, providing a wide range of services including software & product development, consulting, staffing and training to the major players in finance, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing and services industry. Group HN works on system design, feasibility analysis, functional areas such as subject matter expertise and program management as well as software engineering and IT support. In 2018, the Group HN team was over 100 members strong with 981 partners at their headquarters in Charenton-le-pont France and a small yet skilled team of 7 employees in New York City. 

FACC: How has the FACC member directory benefited your personal or professional growth?

MA: Being a FACC member allows my team and I to have access to niche events in many areas, giving us the possibility to meet peers but also people from other professional spaces.

FACC: How long have you been a FACC member and what do you most enjoy about the network?

MA: Being a FACC member since end of February 2019, we are already sharing insights from peers and connecting with people from several industries we wouldn't have met otherwise.

FACC: Do you have any 2019 projects for Group HN or goals you are working to accomplish?

We are in the process of becoming a Google Parner (GCP program) in the AI and Cloud Computing spaces. We also are expanding in the North American Market.

Interested in connecting to Morad? Log into the FACC Member Directory to send him a message.