Meet the Member: Matthew Richman, Compliance Manager at Revlon

Member news | May 06, 2019

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Richman, Compliance Manager at Revlon. Matthew just joined the FACC-NY Chamber with an active level membership at the beginning of April. Keep reading to learn more about his role at one of the largest global beauty companies. 

FACC: You currently serve as the Global Compliance Manager at Revlon. As part of your duties, you are responsible for coordinating and enforcing global policies. Can you give us any insight into Revlon’s global footprint? How do you interact with the different brands holdings that Revlon manages- among them, Elizabeth Arden, Almay, Sinful Colors, Cutex and many more- ?

MR: Revlon’s footprint is indeed global, with products sold around the world. All of our business units and brands (including Elizabeth Arden, Almay, etc.) are subject to the same global compliance policies, procedures and ethical standards.

FACC: Managing risks associated with the EU GDPR laws also falls under your purview. Without going into too much detail, what does this entail for Revlon and how has it impacted the company’s interaction with their customers and the treatment of their data?

MR: I joined Revlon in October 2017, and GDPR went live May 2018. My biggest challenge from the regulation was personal, as I had to learn a lot about data privacy in a rather short amount of time. Revlon has done a lot of work to ensure compliance.  With regards to our interaction with consumers, we updated our websites and consumer-facing policies and tried to make it even easier for consumers to contact us with questions and concerns about how their personal data is managed.

FACC: Are you a French speaker? If not, what attracted you to membership with the FACC and despite this, what do you most value about the network?

MR: My grandfather was brought up in Nice; his whole family (and my sister) all had at least a modicum of linguistic ability in French. I do not.

However, I am taking lessons, and I am very excited by the learning opportunities FACC provides. More than anything, I am attracted to the impressive professional network that FACC makes available to members. I am hoping to leverage the connections I make to develop a greater connection to our transatlantic partners and facilitate growth in the contributions I can make to charitable causes. Of particular interest to me are other members involved with consumer goods, who I would like to work with to raise our mutual profiles while supporting the community.

FACC: What are your personal career goals and how do you work to develop your professional skills and remain relevant in the NYC job market?

MR: The nice thing about compliance is that it continues to be a growth industry. Even in the face of growing automation and a fluctuating regulatory environment, positions involving personal accountability and policy management are going to be necessary posts for the foreseeable future. As such, I am able to focus on personal growth without having to spend too much time watching my back. At Revlon I have the opportunity to build a compliance architecture while also honing my investigative capabilities through practice and observation. All in all, now is a very good time.

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