Meet the Member: Etienne Laporte, CEO & Founder, Teacheratn

Member news | April 30, 2019

In our latest Meet the Member Feature, we spoke with Etienne Laporte, Founder and CEO of Teacheratn. Teacheratn is helping individuals and professionals master a second language through their digital and travel immersion programs that include private and group coaching and business prep for corporate teams and executives. Keep reading to learn more about Etienne's entrepreneurial journey and how he plans to grow his French startup in the U.S. market. 


FACC: What inspired you to launch your company? As an entrepreneur, what has been the most difficult challenge you have faced so far?

EL: I always had a dream to be able to talk and communicate with the world, I also found that learning languages can be a nightmare for most of us. The regular system doesn't really allow us to grow communication skills. Thus I never got to learn a language as a kid but was always good at creating connections and relationships with other people. Later on, as an adult, I shifted my mind, method, and network and found a different path to learn languages in an efficient and convenient way. I wanted to create a solution and service that would help anybody, anywhere at any time.

I would say the most difficult challenge to most entrepreneurs is having the right mindset and surrounding yourself with the right people. It can be so easy to give up and let someone's else opinion of us become our reality.

FACC: Previously, you were a Project Manager at Société Générale. Banking and education/ cultural exchange are two very different fields. Is this something you have always been passionate about and how did the skillset you developed at SG translate to your new role?

EL: I have always been passionate about people and be able to share ideas and help one another. The skillset I developed at SG made me realize I had a gift for speaking and connecting with people. I know how the world is appreciating France, and it has been my duty to well represent and teach our language to the world. I also know how difficult it can be to learn English in France, and I know how helpful and powerful it can be to be able to speak it. That's why I chose to help other people to learn languages and have the freedom to talk with anybody in the world.

FACC: You also have experience in data analysis. Does Teacheratn utilize user data to make more meaningful pairings between teachers and students?

EL: As a Mathematical Engineer, I started by learning how to code and automate processes, so I have to say that automation has been a big inspiration for us. But I would say mostly that technology allowed us to create new solutions to learn languages. We create and grow relationships through digital and travel immersion programs. Our programs allow our clients to learn from anywhere at any time and enjoy unlimited replays (and some other nice features that the more traditional school system can't provide).

FACC: What are your short-term goals for developing the business in the U.S. market?

EL: We want to help more people, businesses, and executives to learn languages in an efficient and convenient way. We want to fix the pain and help all the people out there that wish to learn and speak another language and fulfill their dreams. We want to help people to grow their communication skills so they can grow their relationships, personal brand and grow their business.

FACC: You just joined the FACC this month. What drew you to the network and why did you want to be a member of this community, specifically?

EL: I did a VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprises) a couple years ago in NYC and it changed my life forever, I got introduce to the FACC this way and knew that it was the right decision for our business to be in the right community.
And if you can make it to New York, you can make it anywhere ;)

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