Meet the Member: Avado

Member news | September 21, 2018

Meet the Member: Avado & Jeremy Boutillier, Associate Director of Corporate Partnerships, North America   FACC: One of Avado’s offerings is a boot camp for senior board members on the topic of digital transformation. What do you feel companies have the most difficult time accepting and implementing in terms of digital? JB: The key is to first change the culture of the company from bottom up (opening/changing the mind of the C-Level/C-Suite) and then once they’re onboard, we equip the whole organization with digital skills from bottom up, via our Online Certificates and/or bite-sized eLearning platform.

FACC: What is your most popular course and what does it offer to students?


Squared Online, which we co-developed with Google, is our flagship online certificate program (5 months – 5 modules, see attached the full breakdown). But Dot Native and Digital Leadership Bootcamps and Lead Digital are equally important as complementary.

FACC: How is Avado’s approach different from that of your competitors? JB: Our extremely high completion rate, above 85% (vs 25% for all competition). Our strength is the fact that we have community team management that make sure you are completing your learning journey and that you feel good about it. That’s the big difference, on top of our pedagogic approach we see the company as a pyramid, which we divide in three layers and for which we have off the shelf solutions. Face-to-Face Digital leadership bootcamp for C-Level/C-Suite + Squared Online and Lead Digital (Online Certificates) for Senior Leadership and Mid-Level management, and finally Dot Native for all the rest of Talent. Note we also can create bespoke content at scale. We own the platforms, create its content and weekly update it. See attached an Intro Deck.

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