Meet the Member: All You Need for Growth

Member news | August 29, 2018

When developing your business, especially in a new market, having an advisor step in to help you through critical milestones can make all the difference. We sat down with new FACC member, 

All You Need for Growth and Founder and Partner Sébastien Bonneau. 

FACC: All You Need for Growth is a full-service, integrated consulting firm for businesses, including services in legal, business development, & finance. Have you noticed an increased trend in recent requests on any challenge in particular?

SB: Our clients -ambitious entrepreneurs and C-Level executives- tell us that one of the things they like at All You Need for Growth is that they can trust us. Companies need to find the best partner to face challenges in a fast changing and uncertain world. That’s a strong trend in the requests we receive. Our secret sauce is very simple: we bring highly qualified professionals in law, strategy and finance, in a cost controlled one stop shop offer. And we build custom 360° integrated practical solution depending on their needs on a case by case basis.

FACC: As a startup, how can companies most effectively address these challenges in order to maximize their budgets and manpower?

SB: From day one, startups need to build strong foundations to their project, and sometimes be taught on how to impact more and move forward in a secure way. They often consider this to be a secondary issue, and mainly focus on their growth in revenues. That’s a serious mistake to us. To tackle that problem, we drastically reduced our traditional hourly rates to a single $350 in the US, industrialized internal and external processes, and changed the distribution of the economic value created between the partners of the firm. At the end of the day, startup CEOs like any other C-Level executives we advise maximize their budgets and manpower by hiring high levels experts only when they have a need, and pay a reduced hourly rate within a cap agreed in advance with us. High expertise, cost control and caring. All You Need for Growth!

FACC: Are there any upcoming in changes in 2019 companies should start preparing for now?

SB: Honestly, I believe it is currently quite difficult to anticipate macro-economic trends on both national and global levels.

FACC: What piece of advice would you give to FACC members?

SB: “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication”, once said Leonardo Da Vinci, but in a fast changing and more complex world, there is no chance you can make it alone. My piece of advice would therefore just be to try to anticipate as much as you can to tackle problems before they become too complex to be addressed. And that’s the reason why we created All You Need for Growth™.