Meet the Member: Addev Materials

Member news | October 18, 2018


Recently, the FACC welcomed new member Matthieu Laming, International Business Developer at 

ADDEV Materials. Matthieu is an active member of the chamber and serves on the Technology Committee, which organized the recent 

Technology Knowledge Fair at Capggemini. FACC: ADDEV Materials specializes in the production of high-performance materials, can you elaborate? ML: ADDEV Materials is a medium-size privately-owned company, with 500 employees, in 20 sites around the world. We combine our expertise in advanced materials (tapes, foams, films, adhesives and chemicals) and our converting knowledge to design and produce customized value-added solutions for industrial performance. As a partner of choice of world class manufacturers, with the strength of our market knowledge, we co-develop innovative solutions to optimize materials use efficiency. Our high-performance materials goes everywhere: on a plane, it could help to stick together two parts or make an electrical insulation with high variation of temperature. With electrical cars, it helps to have a thermal conductivity and an electrical insulation on motors and batteries. On the medical sector, it could help to have safe and clean surface with an antibacterial film. In electronics, it helps to have thin flexible circuits. FACC: As a French company, what savoir faire or competitive advantage do you bring to your American clients?  ML: As member of “La French Fab”, we promote innovative and creative excellence of the French industrial ecosystem today. We have highly skilled, qualified and ambitious staff: we have a deep knowledge of materials and processes. Strategic partnerships with manufacturers such as 3M, Dupont, St Gobain and Bostick allow us to be an expert in several sectors: aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, construction and railway.

FACC: Can you tell us more about the production of your products? ML: We are organized on 4 different business units: Adhesive and tapes, Insulating and films, North America and Aerospace and defense. In North America, we have different facilities: Milwaukee (WI), San Diego (CA), Cleveland (OH) and 2 news facilities recently acquired: Walco in Pittsburg (special certification for the automotive sector) and Profom (Montreal, Canada, specialized on foams). Our commercial office is in New York. FACC: As a business developer, what is currently your greatest challenge in developing the North American market?  ML: I would say the size of the North American market. We see a lot of business opportunities through our partners, international customers and locally. The main challenge is to stay focused on our priorities and advance step by step. FACC: What advice would you give to fellow FACC members?  ML: Have a road map in order not to be lost, stay open for unexpected opportunities and finally, pose impossible challenges to yourself every 2 months: you’ll grow your confidence if you succeed, and you’ll create unexpected opportunities!


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