Meet Frenchway Travel: The Best Business Travel Agency in New York And Paris

Member news | November 23, 2020

Frenchway Travel, FACC member company, was founded in New York over thirty-five years ago by two French sister Entrepreneurs. Frenchway Travel has immediately found great success in meeting their client’s demand. Frenchway expanded in France over 10 years ago. With its French touch, the company rapidly gained the trust of its voyageurs and established strong and warm relationship with its clientele. Their team handles every aspect and all of the accommodations for people traveling around the world, from start to finish. The Frenchway Travel motto expresses well the mindset of the company: “At Frenchway, we do it best, but most importantly, we do it...with passion” 

Today, Frenchway is still a family business. Ariel Tavor joined the company 5 years ago as corporate director. He was practically raised in this company and completely understands the needs of the travelers and the travel industry changes with the digital era. Thanks to him, Frenchway continue to offer the human touch even when providing digital services. 

Services offered by Frenchway Travel: 

  • 24/7 services; their Paris and NY teams work hand in hand on your reservations and are able to service clients in any time zone.  
  • An emergency contact outside of standard office hours including weekends and holidays. 
  • Personalized VIP service. 
  • Possibility of holding options. 
  • Best Business Class and First Class rates thanks to their exclusive partnerships. 
  • A private hotel booking platform with preferred rates: Frenchway-HotelEngine 
  • Access to an exclusive online travel management booking tool for corporate business 

Our clients work in fashionsportsmedia, musicevent travelmovie & TV productionadvertising and the corporate world. We understand our clients’ constant balancing act between budget and deadlines. They understand their clients’ constant balancing act between budget and deadlines.

Thanks to their negotiated fares and exclusive partnerships, they offer their clients the best service for the best price. They are able to book Business Class Travel, International Travel, Corporate Retreats, Conventions & Conferences and more with their preferred rates.

In addition to finding the best hotel, car and airfare rates, Frenchway can manage all the details of your trip from start to finish no matter how complex your itinerary.