FACC Exchange Visitor Program Updates- COVID-19

Chapter News | March 12, 2020

Last updated May 19th at 10 AM

Dear Exchange Visitors, American Outbound participants, Host Companies and Partners, 

*Please note, the FACC team is working remotely until further notice. Our Broadway office remains closed to visitors during this time. For all questions related to the Exchange Visitor program or American Outbound, please contact your account manager. For general inquiries, contact coordinator@faccnyc.org.

We’d like to provide a few updates:

Exchange Visitors not yet in the United States (program has not begun):

For all current June start dates - The FACC-NY will be in touch with you and your host company to postpone your program until at least July. Please be on the look-out for an email from your assigned FACC-NY account manager with details.

For start dates in July or later - There is currently no change. If you or your host company decide to postpone further, please contact the FACC-NY.

We have received news from some Exchange Visitors that they have secured Embassy appointments in early June. The Embassy will contact you if there are any changes in your appointment.

Please address any specific questions to your assigned account manager.

Exchange Visitors currently on their program in the United States:

Due to the current travel restrictions, the FACC-NY would strongly recommend reconsidering any international travel within the next 30 days. Although you may be able to travel outside the U.S., we cannot guarantee that you will be able to return while current entry restrictions are in place.

We recommend that all Exchange Visitors follow the guidance given by their host companies. This includes recommendations to work from home while the host office may be closed. Please note that you and your supervisor must continue to have regular contact and that you should continue to follow your training plan. Please stay in touch with your FACC-NY account manager regarding any changes to your program.

If you are currently abroad (e.g. for vacation) and are not able to return before the restrictions go into effect, we understand you may be worried about your J-1 status. No guidance has been provided to the FACC at this time, but we will continue to keep you posted as we learn more. 

Please address any specific questions to your assigned account manager.

Host companies in the United States:

We advise all Exchange Visitors to follow all guidance from their host companies regarding this evolving situation. This includes working from home while the office may be closed. Please remember that the supervisor and the Exchange Visitor must remain in regular contact, the Exchange Visitor must still be supervised, and that the training plan (DS-7002) must still be followed.

Please address any specific questions to your assigned account manager.

We will continue to provide you with any information we receive. Please continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of State for all updated travel advisories.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work together to protect the health, safety and well-being of all Exchange Visitors.

This page will be updated with any further announcements.

For FAQ's for all Exchange Visitors, please refer to this article. 

For any questions related to Exchange Visitors or our International Career Development Programs Department, please contact coordinator@faccnyc.org