Eligibility & Fees

December 11, 2018


Program Fees

As a visa sponsor, the FACC wants to ensure that all candidates have the ability to live comfortably during their stay in the United States. It is important to understand the program fees and additional financial costs necessary to relocate to a new country. Find below a list of program fees for both candidates and their host companies:

Refund Categories
Application rejected by FACC-NY  Full refund
Cancellation after application but before DS-2019 issued  FACC-NY retains $250 to cover processing
Cancellation after DS-2019 is issued (before arrival in US)  No refund
Cancellation after visa is issued  No refund
Cancellation after visa is refused   No refund


Company Fees
J-1 Processing Fee 1-12 months $1,000
J-1 Processing Fee 12-18 months $1,500
J-1 Processing Fee 1-18 months VIE Program* $2,000
Membership Fees Will vary depending on FACC Chapter of Membership
Potential Fees
Extension Fee $500
Late Extension Fee (< 2 weeks before end of program) $750
Site visit $200 within NYC area, $250 outside NYC
Site of Activity Office Transfer $500
Program Transfer $1000
Shipping fee  Included


Candidate Fees
SEVIS Fee $220 (subject to change)
MRV Fee $160 (subject to change)
Insurance Fees Approximately $43/month
Optional Fees
J-2 Fee $250
Late Arrival Documents $100
Replacement DS-2019 $100

Please note: No refund will be given once the DS-2019 “Certificate of Eligibility” is issued to the Exchange Visitor. The Exchange Visitor and Host Company will receive a confirmation email once the DS-2019 has been issued. All fees (with the exception of program extensions) are due at the beginning of the application process. 

As a reminder, the intern/trainee stipend may not cover all potential expenses, so Exchange Visitors are advised to come to the U.S. with additional personal funds.

Candidate Eligibility

The J-1 visa program encourages cultural exchange by allowing exchange visitors to come to the United States for up to 12 months as Interns or for up to 18 months as Trainees to participate in full time, paid, practical training programs at eligible FACC member companies. These programs are extremely beneficial for both candidates and host companies and serve to further diplomatic ties between the U.S. and the world. To confirm your eligibility, please review the eligible requirements below:

J-1 Intern: Exchange Visitors who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution outside the United States OR have graduated from such an institution within the past 12 months. Intern programs are limited to 12 months.

J-1 Trainee: Exchange Visitors who have a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary institution outside the United States AND at least one year of relevant full-time work experience outside the United States. Trainee program are limited to 18 months. Please find the next steps to launch your visa application on our “How to Apply” page!

Company Eligibility

To begin a J-1 visa application, the FACC must first confirm that the Host Company meets the J-1 Exchange Visitor eligibility requirements. You will find below a list of the most important eligibility requirements for new host companies:

  • Intern/Trainee Program must be paid at least the local prevailing minimum wage;
  • Intern/Trainee Program must be on a full-time basis (32 – 40 hours per week);
  • Intern/Trainee Program is a bona-fide training program and does not constitute work; the candidate has to be supervised at all times by the designated responsible supervisor;
  • Hosting company must agree to pay the FACC J-1 administrative fees;
  • Hosting Company must have valid FACC membership to their local chapter (minimum level required, Active Level, individual membership);
  • To host an Intern, host company needs to have at least 3 full-time employees (NB: does not include EVs, interns, contractors…) at the site of activity for each Exchange Visitor in which at least 2 have to be American citizens or green card holders.
  • To host a Trainee, host company needs to have at least 5 full-time employees (NB: does not include EVs, interns, contractors…) at the site of activity for each Exchange Visitor in which at least 2 have to be American citizens or green card holders

If you confirm that your company meets these requirements, please read the EVP FACC Guidelines, Host Company Eligibility Checklist and the VIE Hosting Guidelines.

Please find the next steps to launch your visa application on our “How to Apply” page!