Drew & Rogers: Supplying PPE, Medical Pop-Ups & Marketing Materials

Member news | March 30, 2020

FACC-NY member Drew & Rogers was established in 1944, in 75+ years of business, the company learned how to adapt to the market and the needs of this clients and not the other way around. Drew & Rogers strives to respond to the needs and the complete services that, you, as a client need.

Drew and Rogers has clients in diverse fields, including in healthcare services such as hospitals & doctor offices. For them, Drew & Rogers prints promotional materials such as brochures, flyers and branded goods. Items can be ordered via an online platform that D&R custom built and has been expanding with new items per client requests. At D&R, what the client wants the client has, they are committed to always finding a solution. 

In addition, Drew and Rogers has always provided fulfillment and storage services for this clients and maintained a strong relationship with the providers, this is why they are now able to help respond to the growing demand for masks, gloves, emergency tents (and more).

For the good health of the employees and the community, D&R is working remotely and continuing to help their clients to find medical supplies. As a provider of marketing materials, they are also taking the time to discuss post-Coronavirus campaigns. For the duration of the quarantine, D&R is helping with direct mailing and email campaigns, one of their specialties.

If your activity has slowed, it’s an opportune time to design or review your website – a service Drew & Rogers can assist with. 

Drew & Rogers is maintaining a positive outlook, while remaining proactive. If you are in need of a custom marketing campaign or medical supplies, login to the FACC Member Directory to contact Member Claire Heudes.

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